FormID: 0101CB9A aaDialogueUther GREETING 0 I'm under contract right now - don't bother me.
__任務の最中なんだ - 邪魔しないでくれ。
FormID: 0101CB9B aaDialogueUther GREETING 0 So you're the new head of the fighter's guild, eh?
__そうか、お前がFighter's Guildの新しい頭だな?
FormID: 0101CB9B aaDialogueUther GREETING 1 I heard you really showed Blackwood Company.
__Blackwood Companyを見事な見世物にしてくれたって話だな。
FormID: 0101CB9D aaDialogueUther aaUtherWhatofit 0 I was with Blackwood Company.
__俺はBlackwood Companyに雇われてたんだよ。
FormID: 0101CB9D aaDialogueUther aaUtherWhatofit 1 Some of those men you butchered were my friends.
FormID: 0101CB9D aaDialogueUther aaUtherWhatofit 2 They were professionals, and they hardly deserved that sordid end!
FormID: 0101CBA0 aaDialogueUther aaUtherHire 0 What, you think it's all about the money?
FormID: 0101CBA0 aaDialogueUther aaUtherHire 1 You can take your offer and shove it up your arse!
FormID: 0101CBA1 aaDialogueUther aaUtherInsult 0 It's time to end your insults, here and now!

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