FormID: 01017291 aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCforcegreet 0 What the fuck are you looking at?
FormID: 01017291 aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCforcegreet 1 Yea, you! I said... what are you looking at?
FormID: 01017296 aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCWhat 0 Don't play dumb with me!
FormID: 01017296 aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCWhat 1 You're the one who stole my girl Molly!
FormID: 01017297 aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCNoTrouble 0 You got trouble!
FormID: 01017297 aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCNoTrouble 1 And I can see you got a guilty face! I can always spot it!
FormID: 01017297 aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCNoTrouble 2 You're the one who slept with Molly!
FormID: 0101729A aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCNoIdea 0 Shut your mouth when you're talking to me!
FormID: 0101729A aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCNoIdea 1 Here's an idea - my foot up your ass!
__ようはこういう事だ - くたばれ!
FormID: 0101729B aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCInsult 0 Why... you... damn... monkey... ass!
FormID: 01042D46 aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCWalkAway 0 Come back if you find a backbone, coward!
FormID: 01042D47 aaDialogueRussellCorvus GREETING 0 What, did you come back to lick my balls and ask forgiveness?
FormID: 01042D4A aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCNoFight 0 Then get out of my face, you craven cunt!
FormID: 01042D4B aaDialogueRussellCorvus aaRCWannaFight 0 No need to step outside, mongrel. Let's do this, right here, right now!

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