FormID: 01027D9B aaDialogueOlwen GREETING 0 I'm in the service of the count, and I don't have time to talk.
FormID: 01027D9C aaDialogueOlwen GREETING 0 So you're the hero everyone is talking about, eh?
FormID: 01027D9C aaDialogueOlwen GREETING 1 To be honest, I was expecting someone... taller.
FormID: 01027D9D aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenWho 0 I'm Sir Olwen, the second son to Berwyn of Camlorn.
__Sir Olwenと呼んでくれ。Camlorn家のBerwynの第二子だ。
FormID: 01027D9D aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenWho 1 As my eldest brother Eurig stands to gain the better part of our inheritance, I have sought my fortune in the service of the count.
FormID: 01027DA0 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnight 0 Ha! That's an amusing notion.
FormID: 01027DA0 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnight 1 Whatever titles you carry, I can tell your bloodlines are decidedly... low.
FormID: 01027DA2 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnight2 0 What are you implying?
FormID: 01027DA2 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnight2 1 You would esteem merit over bloodlines? Ludicrous!
FormID: 01027DA4 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnight 0 You are most definitely not a knight.
FormID: 01027DA5 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnight3 0 Are you challenging me, worm?
FormID: 01027DA8 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnightChallenge 0 So it is a challenge?
FormID: 01027DA8 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnightChallenge 1 Then I gladly accept.
FormID: 01027DA8 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnightChallenge 2 Meet me outside Forsaken Mine, south of town.
__この街の南にForsaken Mineという場所がある。そこで決着をつけようじゃないか。
FormID: 01027DA9 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenKnightNoChallenge 0 Of course not. I'm glad to see you know your place.
FormID: 0102847F aaDialogueOlwen GREETING 0 You assisted Mazoga the Orc recently, correct?
FormID: 01028480 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazoga 0 She hardly has the makings of a proper knight.
FormID: 01028480 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazoga 1 I don't care how many black bows she delivers - she's fundamentally lacking in bearing and decorum.
__いくらblack bowを沢山持ち帰ってきたところで、忍耐と礼節を学ばねばどうにもならん。
FormID: 01028483 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaWhat 0 That's no excuse. Her manners are revolting. The count only keeps her occupied so she does not linger at court.
FormID: 01028483 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaWhat 1 Furthermore, her hygiene is deplorable - there is always a fetid aroma in her wake.
FormID: 01028485 aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaInsult 0 Harassing petty bandits is hardly the enterprise of the intrepid.
FormID: 0102848A aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaWhat2 0 Are you attempting to cast doubt on my ability with the sword?
FormID: 0102848A aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaWhat2 1 You should choose your words carefully. I will not tolerate veiled jabs at my honor.
FormID: 0102848B aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaWhat3 0 Impudent fool! I should kill you where you stand!
FormID: 0102848B aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaWhat3 1 Despite this affront, I will adhere to the laws of our land!
FormID: 0102848B aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaWhat3 2 Here are the terms of our contest: We will fight outside Forsaken Mine, immediately. It will be a match to the death!
__今すぐForsaken Mineに来い。そこで決着を付けよう。どちらかが死ぬまで勝負は終わらんぞ!
FormID: 0102848C aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaInsult2 0 You churlish animal, would you dare question my heart?
FormID: 0102848C aaDialogueOlwen aaOlwenMazogaInsult2 1 Then let me reply - I hereby challenge you to single combat! Meet me outside Forsaken Mine and we'll settle this!
__ならばここに宣言する。私はForsaken Mineで君と一対一の勝負をする。それで決着を付けようじゃないか!
FormID: 0102848D aaDialogueOlwen GREETING 0 If it is any consolation, your death will be rendered by a noble blade.
FormID: 0102848D aaDialogueOlwen GREETING 1 En Garde!

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