FormID: 0101E700 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaForceGreet 0 Please, you've got to help us!
FormID: 0101E700 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaForceGreet 1 He's going to kill us! You have to help us!
FormID: 0101E704 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaWhat 0 He's going to kill us and burn the farm!
FormID: 0101E704 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaWhat 1 I'm so afraid... grandma doesn't even know what's going on...
FormID: 0101E704 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaWhat 2 [sobbing]
FormID: 0101E706 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaExplain 0 Ok, you're right.
FormID: 0101E706 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaExplain 1 I came here a few months ago to help grandma around the place.
FormID: 0101E706 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaExplain 2 A few weeks ago one of the local marauders started demanding [QUOTE]tribute[QUOTE] from our farm.
FormID: 0101E706 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaExplain 3 The legion won't help, and we can't afford the fighter's guild.
__軍は助けてはくれないでしょうし、Fighter's Guildに依頼するお金もなくて。
FormID: 0101E706 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaExplain 4 We kept refusing to pay until yesterday...
FormID: 0101E708 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaYesterday 0 They killed some of the livestock and then Marcus, their leader, he...
FormID: 0101E708 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaYesterday 1 he... violated me...
FormID: 0101E708 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMelissaYesterday 2 Oh, god, I can hear them outside! They're going to kill us all!
FormID: 0101E711 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaForceGreet 0 Well, isn't this a surprise?
FormID: 0101E711 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaForceGreet 1 I certainly wasn't expecting the famed champion to show up!
FormID: 0101E711 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaForceGreet 2 And why are we graced with your presence?
FormID: 0101E712 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaForceGreet 0 Who the hell are you?
FormID: 0101E712 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaForceGreet 1 More importantly, what are you doing here?
FormID: 0101E714 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaReply 0 Pay? Pay for what?
FormID: 0101E714 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaReply 1 I merely provide a service to the people in this wild region.
FormID: 0101E714 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaReply 2 Goblins, bandits and other nasty elements are rife out here.
FormID: 0101E714 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaReply 3 If people can't make payments for my protection, then I merely exact alternative forms of compensation.
FormID: 0101E718 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaDie 0 You certainly have a short fuse!
FormID: 0101E718 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaDie 1 It's your funeral, friend!
FormID: 0101E719 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaInsult 0 A clever saying, for certain.
FormID: 0101E719 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaInsult 1 I prefer [QUOTE]Talk is Cheap[QUOTE]
FormID: 0101E719 aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaInsult 2 So how bout our blades do the talking, eh?
FormID: 0101E71A aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaMonster 0 I presume you're alluding to my encounter with Melissa.
FormID: 0101E71A aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaMonster 1 Ah, she was tasty.
FormID: 0101E71A aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaMonster 2 I should like to enjoy her once more.
FormID: 0101E71A aaDialogueMarcusMorna aaMarcusMornaMonster 3 I have something to look forward to after killing you!
FormID: 0101E71B aaDialogueMarcusMorna GREETING 0 Morna and his gang are dead? Thank you, thank you!
FormID: 0101E71B aaDialogueMarcusMorna GREETING 1 I don't know how to repay you. Please, help yourself to our produce anytime! You are truly a champion!
FormID: 0101E71C aaDialogueMarcusMorna GREETING 0 You are always welcome here!

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