FormID: 0103B8F1 aaDialogueFeraud GREETING 0 Dammit, these shiftless morons around me are usless! I need a message delivered at once to one of my officers.
FormID: 0103B8F1 aaDialogueFeraud GREETING 1 I'll pay you 500 septims to deliver the message, no questions asked.
FormID: 0103B8F3 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraudCount1 0 You should break the habit of asking questions when people offer you sums of money.
FormID: 0103B8F3 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraudCount1 1 I need you to find Feraud, my senior spellsword. He's usually drowning his senses at Silverhome on the Water.
__Feraudを探してもらいたい、古株のspellswordだ。Silverhome on the Waterで酔い潰れている事が多いな。
FormID: 0103B8F3 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraudCount1 2 Yesterday Feraud killed a well-connected Dunmer noble in an unsanctioned duel. The noble's death may well undo some critical business partnerships.
FormID: 0103B8F3 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraudCount1 3 You must tell Feraud that he is to return to his quarters and remain there until further notified.
FormID: 0103B8F5 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraudCount2 0 Try not to offend Feraud - he can be irascible at times. Just pass the message in polite fashion and I'm sure that he'll accept it with composure.
__Feraudを怒らせないように気をつけてくれ - ひどく機嫌が悪い事があるから。ただ礼儀正しく伝えれば、彼も落ち着いて話を聞くだろう。
FormID: 0103B8F5 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraudCount2 1 Here's your money. Go!
FormID: 0103BFC9 aaDialogueFeraud GREETING 0 What do you want?
FormID: 0103BFCA aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraud1 0 Well, out with it!
FormID: 0103BFCF aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraud2 0 This is absolute garbage! You think you can compel me to return to my quarters?
FormID: 0103BFD0 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraud3 0 You are a rude, ugly, intruding beast! This is an insult - you have impugned my honor!
__無作法で不格好で無遠慮な畜生め!なんたる侮辱だ - 俺の名誉に傷をつけるか!
FormID: 0103BFD0 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraud3 1 I demand a duel! It is the only means of satisfaction!
FormID: 0103BFD1 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraud4 0 Do I have to spit on your face or piss on your legs? Are you merely a yellow dog who plans on scurrying away from a challenge?
FormID: 0103BFD3 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraudAcceptDuel 0 Outside the Flooded Mine, north of town. We will fight immediately!
__街の北、Flooded Mineの外まで来い。今すぐだ!
FormID: 0103BFD4 aaDialogueFeraud GREETING 0 I'm going to bury you, weakling!
FormID: 0103BFD5 aaDialogueFeraud GREETING 0 I heard about Feraud's death. You were supposed to deliver a message, not goad him into mortal combat!
FormID: 0103BFD5 aaDialogueFeraud GREETING 1 There will be an inquiry by the finest investigators in Bravil!
FormID: 0103BFD7 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraudEnd1 0 You may welcome it all you want, imbecile.
FormID: 0103BFD7 aaDialogueFeraud aaFeraudEnd1 1 You are dismissed!

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