FormID: 0103DB33 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen GREETING 0 You... you're the champion.
FormID: 0103DB33 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen GREETING 1 Please, for the love of the nine I need your help!
FormID: 0103DB35 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdanNo 0 Then I have nothing... the nine have abandoned me, and my enemy lives in peace, never answering for his crimes.
FormID: 0103DB35 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdanNo 1 There is nothing left for me...
FormID: 0103DB36 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdan1 0 By the nine, bless you!
FormID: 0103DB36 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdan1 1 I am nearing my end, champion. I have lingered in sickness and squalor for decades now, driven only by the desire for justice.
FormID: 0103DB36 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdan1 2 I was once proud and wealthy, if you could believe it. But it was all taken from me by a man named Czapli von Hagen.
__信じて頂けるかはわかりませんが、私にもかつては富と誇りがありました。しかしそれらは全て、Czapli von Hagenという男に奪われてしまったのです。
FormID: 0103DB38 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdan2 0 I had an estate far, far away from here back in those days, and a family as well. We were peaceful people, ignoring the squabbles of neighbors.
FormID: 0103DB38 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdan2 1 But soon the war reached us, despite our neutrality. One day Von Hagen and his mercenary company swept onto my land.
__けれど間もなく、戦は中立を保つ私達をも巻き込みました。ある日、Von Hagen率いる傭兵団が私の土地を襲ったのです。
FormID: 0103DB38 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdan2 2 He broke my legs and forced me to watch as he raped my wife and killed my children. He left me alive as a living testament to his deeds.
FormID: 0103DB38 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdan2 3 I wandered our land for years, looking for Czapli, to no avail. But in my final hour, I believe justice can be served.
FormID: 0103DB3A aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdan3 0 He just passed through town yesterday. Another beggar said he is staying at the Inn of Ill Omen, which is ironic.
__昨日、街を通って行きました。他の乞食が言うには、彼は今Inn of Ill Omenに滞在しているそうです。皮肉な話ですが。
FormID: 0103DB3A aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNBohdan3 1 I am fading now... I don't have the strength... you must do this for me, champion...
FormID: 0103DB3B aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen GREETING 0 What is it? Never seen a man having a drink before?
FormID: 0103DB40 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVN1 0 I... I've never heard that name before.
FormID: 0103DB41 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVN2 0 Who the hell are you to question my word?
FormID: 0103DB41 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVN2 1 I'm a proud veteran, and I've done more to help this land than you'll ever know, you ungrateful piece of shit!
FormID: 0103DB42 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVN3 0 I... I don't know what you're talking about... you're beginning to offend me with this line of questioning!
FormID: 0103DB43 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVN4 0 That's enough! If it's violence you seek, then I will oblige! Meet me outside!
FormID: 0103DB44 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen GREETING 0 Look, this isn't necessary. Just apologize and we can forget this whole thing.
FormID: 0103DB46 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNDuel1 0 So you are bent on dying for the sake of a senile beggar, eh?
FormID: 0103DB46 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNDuel1 1 I heard about Exsul and his little crusade. He was a parasite, along with his family. I was happy to do my duty.
FormID: 0103DB48 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNDuel2 0 You will give nothing and take nothing - I'm the only one taking lives here!
__お前は死を与える事も命を奪う事もできんよ - 命を奪うのは俺なんだからな!
FormID: 0103DB48 aaDialogueCzapliVonHagen aaCVNDuel2 1 En garde!

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