FormID: 01010BC7 aaDialogueAbraham GREETING 0 [an awkward silence]
FormID: 01010BC8 aaDialogueAbraham GREETING 0 I see you've made a name for yourself as a vampire hunter.
__あなたは高名なvampire hunterだそうですね。
FormID: 01010BC8 aaDialogueAbraham GREETING 1 I applaud your efforts to purge our world of that foul disease and its vectors.
FormID: 01010BC8 aaDialogueAbraham GREETING 2 Nonetheless, I must convey a word of warning to you, if you'll listen.
FormID: 01010BC9 aaDialogueAbraham GREETING 0 You made a grievous mistake showing yourself to me.
FormID: 01010BC9 aaDialogueAbraham GREETING 1 Die, fiend!
FormID: 01010BCB aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueAbeListen 0 Good. As you know, we've recently made inroads against the threat of vampirism in Tamriel.
FormID: 01010BCB aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueAbeListen 1 However, vampires are not a disorganized lot. Seridur's death was noticed by some very powerful individuals, and they have decided to act.
FormID: 01010BCD aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueAbeSoWhat 0 So they've likely assigned Erebus to dispatch you and terminate your one-man crusade.
FormID: 01010BCD aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueAbeSoWhat 1 Now before you dismiss him as just another clumsy assassin, hear me out.
FormID: 01010BCD aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueAbeSoWhat 2 We vampire hunters are a hardy bunch by virtue of our profession - it requires considerable fortitude to pursue and kill our prey.
__我々vampire hunterには独特のプロ意識があるため、集団行動をあまり好みません。ですから、粘り強く獲物を追跡し確実に仕留めるだけの胆力が個々人に必要とされています。
FormID: 01010BCD aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueAbeSoWhat 3 Erebus, however, is feared - because he targets vampire hunters, and with no small degree of success.
__しかし、そんな我々でさえErebusの事は恐ろしく思います。なぜなら彼はvampireの身でありながら、逆にvampire hunterを狩る存在だからです。そして、彼の狩りの成功率は決して低くないという事実も…。
FormID: 01010BCD aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueAbeSoWhat 4 He is a veritable force of nature, quite adept with both sword and wizardry.
FormID: 01010BCD aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueAbeSoWhat 5 I believe you have the strength and skill to best Erebus, but you must brace yourself for a daunting fight.
FormID: 01010BCD aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueAbeSoWhat 6 Charge your weapons, ready your potions, and stay alert. He will strike hard and fast - you must not hesitate. Good luck.
FormID: 01010BD3 aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueErebusForceGreet 0 I've come for you, mortal.
FormID: 01010BD3 aaDialogueAbraham aaDialogueErebusForceGreet 1 You need not fear - it will be quick.

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