FormID: 0101B042 aaDialogueAY aaAYStranger 0 There's a stranger who's been lingering around town for a few days.
FormID: 0101B042 aaDialogueAY aaAYStranger 1 He's very... odd. Some suspect he is a fugitive, while others suggest he may be a vampire.
FormID: 0101B042 aaDialogueAY aaAYStranger 2 Anyway, it's probably nothing, but I'd appreciate it if you could have a look around town. Thanks.
FormID: 0101B044 aaDialogueAY aaAYForceGreet 0 I knew it was just a matter of time before you showed up.
FormID: 0101B044 aaDialogueAY aaAYForceGreet 1 They say you always get your man - or should I say, vampire.
FormID: 0101B044 aaDialogueAY aaAYForceGreet 2 I will enjoy this.
FormID: 0101B045 aaDialogueAY aaAYForceGreet 0 Time to die, traitor!

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