FormID: 01000D52 FrostcragSpireDeed BOOK Deed to Frostcrag Spire
FormID: 01000D56 FrostcragSpireMemoirs BOOK Frostcrag Spire Memoirs
FormID: 01000D5A FrostcragBedroomAreaReceipt BOOK Frostcrag Bedroom Area
FormID: 01000D5D FrostcragVaultAreaReceipt BOOK Frostcrag Vault Area
FormID: 01000D5E FrostcragLibraryAreaReceipt BOOK Frostcrag Library Area
FormID: 01000D5F FrostcragApparatusReceipt BOOK Frostcrag Alchemy Lab
FormID: 01000FA3 frTelanJournal BOOK The Journal of Telan Highcourt
FormID: 010016EE fcManaNotes BOOK Syncronious Magicka imbuements
FormID: 01002628 FrostcragSpireHiddenMemoirs BOOK The World of the Dead
FormID: 01002B4F TES4Gecko00EE8440 BOOK Moved 02002B4F
FormID: 01003C9C FrostcragDeepnessNote BOOK In the Deep
FormID: 01004693 frostcragoldnote BOOK Smudged nearly unreadable note
FormID: 01004939 CastleSkyVent BOOK Way to go
FormID: 01004993 FRMadRavings BOOK Ravings of a Madman
FormID: 01004B18 CastleSkyIntroduction BOOK A Soldier's Tale
FormID: 01004E57 TES4Gecko00EE843F BOOK Moved 02004E57
FormID: 010053EC FCSapLetter BOOK Galerion's Letter
FormID: 01006E4D frostcragmemoirs2 BOOK A Mage's Memoirs, and his folley!
FormID: 01007353 frostcragRastieriJournal BOOK The Mage Rastieri's Journal
FormID: 01007D57 TES4Gecko00EE8441 BOOK Moved 02007D57
FormID: 0100A62D FCRindseyJournal BOOK Rindsey's Journal
FormID: 0100BF03 TES4Gecko00EE8442 BOOK Moved 0200BF03
FormID: 0100C2E6 FCWJournalEvidence BOOK Journal Page
FormID: 0100C2E9 FCMJournalEvidence BOOK Journal Page
FormID: 0100F8C5 TES4Gecko00EE8443 BOOK Moved 0200F8C5
FormID: 01011410 frostcragNote1 BOOK Note to Thomas
FormID: 01012C96 FrostcragTreasureNote BOOK Love of Wealth
FormID: 0101532A FrostcragAvalonStrangeWriting BOOK Strange Writings
FormID: 01016257 FrostcragExtension1Receipt BOOK Scroll of Death Reversal
FormID: 01017328 TES4Gecko00EE8444 BOOK Moved 02017328
FormID: 01019486 FRMadRavings1 BOOK Ravings of a Madman
FormID: 01019488 FRMadRavings2 BOOK Ravings of a Madman
FormID: 0101948A FRMadRavings3 BOOK Ravings of a Madman
FormID: 01019E7F TES4Gecko00EE8445 BOOK Moved 02019E7F
FormID: 0101BB7E FrostcragBlankSheet BOOK Partially written upon parchment

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