FormID: 01000D18 FrostcragAtronachAltar ACTI Atronach Altar
FormID: 01000D1A FrostcragSpellmakingingStation ACTI Altar of Spellmaking
FormID: 01000D1B FrostcragEnchantingStation ACTI Altar of Enchanting
FormID: 01000D1E FrostcragEnchantingStationBefore ACTI Altar of Enchanting
FormID: 01000D1F FrostcragSpellmakingingStationBefore ACTI Altar of Spellmaking
FormID: 010016AE FrostcragAlchemyStation02 ACTI Expert Alchemy Station
FormID: 01001D76 1ingredientsorteractivator ACTI Alchemical Sorter
FormID: 01002499 1ingredientsorteractivatorSI ACTI Shivering Isles Sorter
FormID: 01002B65 FRfireSwitch ACTI Press Block
FormID: 01002BA2 FRfireSwitchRight ACTI Press Block
FormID: 01002C5A frostcragManaWellActivator ACTI Mana Basin
FormID: 01002F42 ABPshelfM02 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01002F4B ABPshelfM04 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01002F52 ABPshelfM05 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01003449 ABPshelfL01 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 0100393C ABPshelfU03 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 0100393F ABPshelfU04 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 0100394A ABPshelfL02 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01004526 FCSapPump ACTI Sap Pump
FormID: 01004EB4 AyleidExteriorcpwellgrate01 ACTI Ayleid Well
FormID: 01005F84 frostcragplate ACTI Pressure Plate
FormID: 01007453 ABPshelfUW01 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01007459 ABPshelfUW02 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01007460 ABPshelfUW03 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01008336 ayleidSwitch1 ACTI Ayleid Light
FormID: 0100834C ayleidSwitch2 ACTI Ayleid Light
FormID: 0100858B FrostcragAlchemyStation01 ACTI Novice Alchemy Station
FormID: 0100871E RastieriTomb ACTI Rastieri
FormID: 01008C2D Tombstone02TimTest ACTI Rindsey
FormID: 0100E3C5 FRfireSwitch3 ACTI Press Block
FormID: 0100F65D Tombstone02AN ACTI Lennasaan
FormID: 0100FE90 FrostcragMainDoorSwitch ACTI Main Gate Lever
FormID: 01014C15 FrostcragEnchantingStation01 ACTI Altar of Enchanting
FormID: 01014C17 FrostcragSpellmakingingStation01 ACTI Altar of Spellmaking
FormID: 0101593B FrostSwitch ACTI The Cold Embrace
FormID: 010162FA FRAvalonShardanCrystal ACTI Shardan Crystal
FormID: 010164EB StairSwitch ACTI Stair Switch
FormID: 01016D08 frostcragFrostBasin ACTI Basin of Potent Frost
FormID: 010171F9 RightFrostSwitch ACTI The Light of the Cold
FormID: 010171FA LeftFrostSwitch ACTI The Light of the Cold
FormID: 0101730B FrostcragWaterfallSwitch ACTI Waterfall Switch
FormID: 0101F770 FrostcragElectricRock ACTI Void Rock
FormID: 01027CD6 OrbitRock ACTI Void Rock
FormID: 01027CD7 OrbitRock2 ACTI Void Rock
FormID: 01027CD8 OrbitRock1 ACTI Void Rock
FormID: 01027CD9 OrbitRock3 ACTI Void Rock
FormID: 0102C7FA frostcragSecretSwitch ACTI The Alchemy Lab
FormID: 0103BE83 fcAlchemyDoor ACTI Electroflector
FormID: 01045C6F frostcragAppaAlem ACTI Frostcrag Alembic
FormID: 01045C70 frostcragAppaRetort ACTI Frostcrag Retort
FormID: 01045C71 frostcragAppaCalc ACTI Frostcrag Calcinator
FormID: 01045C72 frostcragAppaMortar ACTI Frostcrag Mortar and Pestle
FormID: 0199000D ABPcboardMS01 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01990013 ABPshelfM03 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01990014 ABPshelfMS02 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 01990015 ABPcboardUC02 ACTI Bookshelf
FormID: 019900F3 aorAnvilofReparing ACTI Anvil of Repairing

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