FormID: 010106C7 aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainHi 0 Yesh... *hic*. Bashtard fired me, sho he did, said he was automating. Ffff- *hic*- fuckin' employ- eploy- bosses, they're all the same...
FormID: 01010DF2 aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainAwful 0 Tell me about it... *sniff*... hey, you l'k a bit like a PC, did anyone tellsh you that before? You got the, wasscalled, health bars and stuff.
FormID: 01010DF2 aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainAwful 1 I used to work for a PC, marvelloush chap, he was my best friend he was... when I had these glowy green clouds on me at least.
FormID: 01010DF4 aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainYes 0 Absholu... uh, reeeeally great. I'm going to start following you now, don't worry, I'll shober up a bit soon...
FormID: 01010DF4 aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainYes 1 Well, I'm not essential any more, but it's better than nothing! Hooray!
FormID: 01010DF6 aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainNo 0 It's a bloody hard *hic* life as an NPC, and no mistakes, ain't it? See you next time this package comes up... *yawn*
FormID: 01010DFD aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainExplosive 0 What, those things? They're easy to make, all I need is a bottle of ale and a torch. Be very careful with them though!
FormID: 01010DFE aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainExplosive 0 Do you want me to make you some? I've got a torch, but I need a bottle of ale as well. Then I can give you some.
FormID: 01010DFF aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainExplosive 0 I don't have the bits to make some at the moment, I'm afraid. I've only got the ale- if you can get me a couple of torches, then no problem.
FormID: 01010E00 aaaSquadPeriod aaazDurainExplosive 0 Well, if you want some more, I guess I can make some. Just give me a moment, and... right, here you go. Don't make a mess with them.

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