FormID: 02000ED6 1Fighters GREETING 0 Ah, hello. If you're here looking to hire a fighter, I'm currently not on a contract.
FormID: 02000ED7 1Fighters 1FightersHire 0 Yes, we're currently accepting contracts- the minimum hiring period is one week, extensible in one-week increments. The price would be...
FormID: 02000EDB 1Fighters 1FightersHireYes 0 Oh, I'm sorry but you don't seem to have enough gold. Perhaps you should try and find one of our lower-ranking members.
FormID: 02000EDC 1Fighters 1FightersHireNo 0 Well, you know where we are if you ever need a bit of muscle.
FormID: 02000EDD 1Fighters 1FightersHireYes 0 Thanks, that's all in order. Pleasure to be working with you, sir. Let's get going.
FormID: 02000EDE 1Fighters 1FightersMenu 0 You've already given me orders, sir. Do you want to rescind them?
FormID: 02000EDF 1Fighters 1FightersMenu 0 I'm currently reporting to a unit, as ordered.
FormID: 02000EE0 1Fighters 1FightersMenu 0 I'm afraid my current contract has expired. Would you like to renew it, or do you no longer need protection?
FormID: 02000EE4 1Fighters 1FightersMenu 0 Certainly sir, what might your orders be?
FormID: 02000EE6 1Fighters 1FightersHireRenew 0 You can't actually afford to hire me for another week it seems. I'll be back at the Fighter's Guild should you need me again.
__もう1週間私を雇うにはお金が足りないようですね。私はFighter's Guildに戻りますから、また私が必要になった時はどうぞ。
FormID: 02000EE7 1Fighters 1FightersBackup 0 You need some help on a job?
FormID: 02000EEA 1Fighters 1FightersBackupYes 0 Sorry, you're lower rank than me. I can't go around doing the work for you, you've got to get it done yourself.
FormID: 02000EEB 1Fighters 1FightersBackupYes 0 Really? I guess I can spare some time, I've got no contracts at the moment.
FormID: 02000EEC 1Fighters 1FightersBackupYes 0 What, help you get the credit? Yeah, you can do this one yourself.
FormID: 02000EED 1Fighters 1FightersBackupYes 0 Yes sir, certainly sir! Hopefully I'll learn something, and you could always maybe put in a good word for me if this goes well...?
FormID: 02000EEE 1Fighters 1FightersBackupNo 0 Really? Suit yourself. Good luck out there then.
FormID: 020015CC 1Fighters 1MageTrip 0 Oh? You want my help on a research expedition? Haven't been on one of those in a while.
FormID: 020015CE 1Fighters 1MageTripNo 0 Oh, never mind then. Bring me back a souvenir if you will, especially if you see one of those interesting Aylied formations.
FormID: 020015CF 1Fighters 1MageTripYes 0 Look, associate, if I want to go outside I'll be the one asking you to carry my bags. Now I've got to get back to my research.
FormID: 020015D0 1Fighters 1MageTripYes 0 Don't you think you should be doing some more practise? You'll never be higher rank than me at this rate.
FormID: 020015D1 1Fighters 1MageTripYes 0 Well, I've been cooped up here for too long. Let's go out and flex those muscles, eh? Well, not muscles, you know what I mean.
FormID: 020015D2 1Fighters 1MageTripYes 0 You want me to accompany you? Ok sir. This ought to help fill my practical credits for the next rank assignment.
FormID: 020015D3 1Fighters GREETING 0 Good day associate, been off on another field expedition have you?
FormID: 020015D4 1Fighters GREETING 0 Ah, welcome. The Blackwood Company is pleased to welcome any potential customers...
FormID: 020015D5 1Fighters 1BlackwoodHire 0 The Blackwood company is the cheapest, most reliable mercenary service around. To hire a mercenary for a week will cost only 200 gold.
FormID: 02001CA9 1Fighters 1MageMenu 0 Wait, what are you talking about? I'm already doing something.
FormID: 02001CAA 1Fighters 1MageMenu 0 You told me to follow that chap over there. Changed your mind, have you?
FormID: 02001CAB 1Fighters 1MageMenu 0 Well, what's next then?
FormID: 02001CAE 1Fighters 1FightersPrepay 0 You can't afford to hire me for another week. Guess it's time to start looking for cash before the contract times out, eh?
FormID: 02001CAF 1Fighters 1FightersPrepay 0 And one more week's payment brings it up to... just over a week on the counter. Pleasure doing business with you.
FormID: 02001CB0 1Fighters 1FightersPrepay 0 Plus another seven days, is... about two and a bit weeks prepaid now.
FormID: 02001CB1 1Fighters 1FightersPrepay 0 And a seven day extention brings your total to over three weeks. Thanks!
FormID: 02001CB2 1Fighters aaaPartyDismiss 0 You do realise you won't get a refund of the time remaining on the contract?
FormID: 02001CB3 1Fighters 1HireDismissYes 0 If you say so. You know where to come if you need to hire anyone else again.
FormID: 02002A5A 1Fighters 1BlackwoodHireNo 0 It's your choice, however poor it may be.
FormID: 02002A5B 1Fighters 1BlackwoodHireYes 0 I'm afraid you can't afford our very reasonable rates. Perhaps you should try and get a bit more money together before returning?
FormID: 02002A5C 1Fighters 1BlackwoodHireYes 0 I'm very pleased to represent the Blackwood Company in your employ. Let's get going, shall we?
FormID: 02002A5E 1Fighters 1BlackwoodHireRenew 0 Whilst I would very much like to take your money, you don't have enough. I'll be taking my leave of you now.
FormID: 02002A5F 1Fighters 1BlackwoodHireRenew 0 Thank you for your patronage. I'll be following you for another week.
FormID: 02002A60 1Fighters 1FightersHireRenew 0 Great. Pleasure doing business with you.
FormID: 02002A61 1Fighters 1BlackwoodMenu 0 You assigned me to follow someone else. Should I cease?
FormID: 02002A62 1Fighters 1BlackwoodMenu 0 You've already given me orders. Are they incorrect?
FormID: 02002A63 1Fighters 1BlackwoodMenu 0 My contract with you has just elapsed. Renewing it will cost you another 200 gold for a week.
FormID: 02002A64 1Fighters 1BlackwoodMenu 0 What is it?
FormID: 02003139 1Fighters 1BlackwoodPrepay 0 You can't afford to retain the Blackwood Company's services for another week. Unless you can get the money, I'm off when the contract ends.
FormID: 0200313A 1Fighters 1BlackwoodPrepay 0 That's 200 gold, thank you... and the contract is extended another week.
FormID: 0200313B 1Fighters aaaRecruit 0 I don't know if I can trust you though, you've got something of an ill reputation... are you sure?
FormID: 0200313C 1Fighters aaaRecruit 0 A true Cyrodillic hero like yourself wants *my* help?
FormID: 0200313D 1Fighters aaaRecruit 0 Heh heh heh, oh I've heard of your little adventures, all right. You want me to help you out?
FormID: 0200313E 1Fighters aaaRecruit 0 You? Why on earth would a hero like you want my help?
FormID: 020067D8 1Fighters GREETING 0 Dreadful shame about your expulsion and everything, wasn't it? Ah well.

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