L10N/The_Duelists/0.96/Dialogue/aaDialogueBGS の変更点

FormID: 0102249F	aaDialogueBGS	GREETING	0	I hate these damn suitors!	
FormID: 0102249F	aaDialogueBGS	GREETING	1	Following me, buying me flowers, reading poetry - it's maddening!	
FormID: 0102249F	aaDialogueBGS	GREETING	2	This guy Burz Gro-Shug is the worst!	
__特にこのBurz Gro-Shugは最悪!
FormID: 0102249F	aaDialogueBGS	GREETING	3	I used to just bash their brains in, but father has strictly forbidden it now. I'm losing my mind. 	
FormID: 0102249F	aaDialogueBGS	GREETING	4	Will you please help me and run this guy off? Just have a word with him - maybe you can persuade him to leave.	
FormID: 010224A1	aaDialogueBGS	GREETING	0	I'll win Lady Rogbut's heart - just wait and see!	
__Lady Rogbutのハートは俺のものだ!今に見ていろ!
FormID: 010224A2	aaDialogueBGS	GREETING	0	What do you want? Can't you see I'm trying to court this girl!	
FormID: 010224A4	aaDialogueBGS	aaBGSLeave	0	Wait a minute... you just want her for yourself!	
FormID: 010224A4	aaDialogueBGS	aaBGSLeave	1	So it's a contest, then? Well, I know how to settle this!	
FormID: 010224A6	aaDialogueBGS	aaBGSLeave2	0	Shut your mouth!	
FormID: 010224A6	aaDialogueBGS	aaBGSLeave2	1	I'll prove my love to her in true orc fashion! Meet me outside!	
FormID: 010224A7	aaDialogueBGS	GREETING	0	Lady Rogbut will be mine!	
__Lady Rogbutは俺のものだ!
FormID: 01022B7C	aaDialogueBGS	GREETING	0	Thank you! Now I can go bludgeon Ogres in peace!	

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