L10N/The_Heart_of_the_Dead/6.5/Dialogue/HOD04-01 のバックアップソース(No.1)

FormID: 02006865	HOD04	0H4P11Lover4	0	Really? That's wonderful! Just think of the adventures that await us!	
FormID: 02006865	HOD04	0H4P11Lover4	1	Lead on!	
FormID: 02014983	HOD04	0H4P11Winter5b	0	I understand, although I am a bit disappointed. Know that you will always have a place with the Children of the Nerevarine. 	
__分かったわ。少し残念だけど。Children of the Verevarineはいつでもあなたを歓迎するわ。忘れないでね。
__分かったわ。少し残念だけど。Children of the Nerevarineはいつでもあなたを歓迎するわ。忘れないでね。
FormID: 02014983	HOD04	0H4P11Winter5b	1	I wish you luck in your travels.	
FormID: 02014985	HOD04	GREETING	0	I wish you luck.	
FormID: 02014DF2	HOD04	GREETING	0	Well met.	
FormID: 02014DF3	HOD04	GREETING	0	Good day.	
FormID: 02014DF4	HOD04	GREETING	0	I hope I can help.	
FormID: 02014DF5	HOD04	GREETING	0	What can I do for you?	
FormID: 02014DF6	HOD04	GREETING	0	May the Nerevarine bless you, my friend.	
FormID: 02014DF7	HOD04	GREETING	0	May the Nerevarine guide your steps.	
FormID: 020155AC	HOD04	GREETING	0	Well met.	
FormID: 020190BF	HOD04	GREETING	0	Good, you're awake.	
FormID: 020190C1	HOD04	0H4P1Winter1a	0	You almost died. The last gate you tried to pass through was Yurn's last test. Only his true followers could make it through.	
FormID: 020190C1	HOD04	0H4P1Winter1a	1	I should've known he would set up a trap like that, and I'm sorry. I recalled in when you grabbed the last piece of armor.	
FormID: 020190C1	HOD04	0H4P1Winter1a	2	I was just in time.	
FormID: 020190C3	HOD04	0H4P1Winter1b	0	The white king armor has a unique curse. Combined with what I know of your essence, I followed the trail to that last room.	
__White King Armorには独特の呪いが掛けられているの。あなたの生命反応とその呪いの痕跡を追跡してここまで来たのよ。
FormID: 020190C3	HOD04	0H4P1Winter1b	1	It was a good thing. You were severely poisoned by the last gate. I recalled us here and healed you.	
FormID: 020190C5	HOD04	0H4P1Winter1c	0	Of course. We have reached the last leg of our journey. The mountain you see before you is called Red Mountain. It was the home of Dagoth Ur.	
__もちろん。私達の旅はもう終盤にさしかかっている。目の前の山はRed Mountainと言うの。かつてはDagoth Urの根城だったわ。
FormID: 020190C5	HOD04	0H4P1Winter1c	1	But you must have many questions. Ask them now, because time is of the essence and we must finish this.	
FormID: 02019851	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2a	0	From what I've been able to gather, Yurn the Mad made his laboratory here, right under the nose of Dagoth Ur himself. 	
__私が集めた情報を繋ぎ合わせて考えると、狂人YurnはDagoth Urの突端の真下に自分の研究室をつくったようね。
FormID: 02019851	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2a	1	It was here that he made the Heart of the Dead. 	
__彼はここでHeart of the Deadを創ったの。
FormID: 02019851	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2a	2	We found his secret passage, but only the one who holds the White King armor can open Yurn's door. That, of course, is you.	
__隠し通路の場所は分かっているけれど、White King armorを身に付けた者にしかYurnの扉は開けない。そう、あなたの事ね。
FormID: 02019853	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2b	0	Most I have pieced together. Yurn destroyed my village, I know not why, and then fled with the Heart.	
FormID: 02019853	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2b	1	He used it and became the aspect of an ancient god called the White King. This god wanted to open a portal to the realm of the dead.	
__けれど彼はHeartの力を行使し、White Kingと呼ばれる古い神の化身へとなり果てた。この神の目的はrealm of the deadへの扉を開放する事。
FormID: 02019853	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2b	2	Something stopped Him before the portal opened. Yurn was killed and the aspect safely tucked away.	
FormID: 02019853	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2b	3	His followers, named the Cult of the Three, took the pieces of the White King armor and scattered them throughout the land. 	
__彼の追従者となったCult of the ThreeはWhite King armorを拾い上げ、各地へとバラバラに安置した。
FormID: 02019853	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2b	4	They also laid elaborate traps so that only the truly worthy would take up the mantel and become the White King once more.	
__White Kingたりうる相応しい人物の手だけに渡るよう、巧妙な罠も仕掛けた。
FormID: 02019853	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2b	5	I managed to... coerce this information from a cult follower before he died. His first clue led me to a cave above Bruma, but it was empty.	
FormID: 02019853	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2b	6	I take it that was your doing. Which brings me to my question. How did you find out about the Heart?	
FormID: 02019855	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2b1	0	A professor, hm? And how did he know where to begin the search?	
FormID: 02019857	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2b2	0	Ah, a fellow treasure hunter like yourself. I will not judge, as long as it leads me to the destruction of the Heart.	
FormID: 02019859	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2c	0	Why is anything created by the gods dangerous? It is the wielder who makes it so. But the Heart is more than that.	
FormID: 02019859	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2c	1	The Cult members that I interrogated told me that the Heart of the Dead opens the Way. And that the dead will come forth.	
__Cultの信者を問いただしてHeart of the Deadが道を開く道具なのだと分かった。死をもたらす力よ。
FormID: 02019859	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2c	2	That doesn't sound too pleasant, does it?	
FormID: 0201985B	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2d	0	I'm sorry, I could not take her. As it is, I barely survived recalling you out of the room.	
FormID: 0201985B	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2d	1	She said she would meet you back at the Two Sisters Inn when you are finished. What you see in that half breed... but that is not my place.	
__彼女はTwo Sisters Innであなたが全てを終わらせて帰って来るのを待つと言っていたわ。あの合いの子のどこが良いんだか…まあ、私には関係ない事だったわね。
FormID: 0201985D	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2e	0	I could not take him. As it is, I barely survived recalling you out of that room.	
FormID: 0201985D	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2e	1	He said he would meet you back at the inn in Skingrad. I don't know what you see in that dunmer... but no matter.	
FormID: 0201985F	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2f	0	I... I do not know. I have been searching for so long... but no matter. We must focus on the task at hand.	
FormID: 02019861	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2g	0	Yes. My brothers and sisters wait for us at the remains of Dagoth Ur's lair.	
__ええ。私の兄弟姉妹がDagoth Urの廃墟で待っているわ。
FormID: 02019861	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2g	1	But I must also warn you. Since you entered that first cave, this area has suddenly filled with the undead. I don't know where they come from.	
FormID: 02019861	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2g	2	My people have been attacked numerous times... I... hope they are still alive. So we must be careful.	
FormID: 02019861	HOD04	0H4P1Winter2g	3	Also, I have a special recall spell to give you, just in case we get lost. You know how these work? Just use it if you need to. Let's go.	
FormID: 0201DDBA	HOD04	GREETING	0	These are the remains of the Children of the Nerevarine. We've been attacked now for weeks.	
__Children of the Nerevarineの生き残りよ。私達は何週間も攻撃を受け続けている。
FormID: 0201DDBB	HOD04	0H4P2Winter1a	0	By strange black-clothed hunters. I do not know how they found us or who they work for, but they've killed eight of us.	
FormID: 0201DDBB	HOD04	0H4P2Winter1a	1	At first I thought you were working with them, but then I heard of their attack on you in Imperial City.	
__最初、あなたもあいつらの一味かと思ったわ。けれど、そのあとImperial Cityの騒動が耳に入ってきたから。
FormID: 0201DDBD	HOD04	0H4P2Winter1b	0	I wish I knew who sent them. They owe us a blood debt. But no matter. Beyond the door lies the entranceway into Akulakhan's Chamber.	
__あいつらの背後で糸を引いているのが誰か知りたいわ。血で償わせてやるのよ。けれど今はそんな事は問題じゃない。扉の向こうにAkulakhan's Chamberへと続く道が待っているんだからね。
FormID: 0201DDBD	HOD04	0H4P2Winter1b	1	The chamber itself was sealed by the Nerevarine, but Yurn's passage was hidden outside. Only the one who holds the armor can open the door.	
FormID: 0201DDBD	HOD04	0H4P2Winter1b	2	I have some items to give you. First is the key to the chamber beyond. The others are things we have scavenged. They should be useful.	
FormID: 0201DDBD	HOD04	0H4P2Winter1b	3	Lead on.	
FormID: 0201DDBE	HOD04	GREETING	0	Let us find the Heart and destroy it.	
FormID: 0201DDC0	HOD04	GREETING	0	The sanctuary of Dagoth Ur lies just ahead.	
__Dagoth Urの聖域は目と鼻の先よ。
FormID: 0202D850	HOD04	0H4P3Inar01	0	Good to see you again. No, don't try to move. The containment spell is a powerful one, taught to me long ago. Even your friend cannot escape.	
FormID: 0202F581	HOD04	0H4P3Inar02	0	Oh, I think not. You did do your job superbly, better than the others I sent.	
FormID: 0202F583	HOD04	0H4P3Inar03	0	Why, yes. That mage imbecile, what was his name? Dublin? I hired him, and I sent my son, Garik, to look as well.	
FormID: 0202F583	HOD04	0H4P3Inar03	1	All quite ignorant of each other, or the fact that I had hired all of them. You can never have enough crab eggs in your basket.	
FormID: 0202FC01	HOD04	0H4P9Kat00	0	I walk in dreams... I see my father... see his greed and his pain... I see the heart of a dead race, calling to him...	
FormID: 0202FC01	HOD04	0H4P9Kat00	1	I stand in dreams... I see my father's hatred of my half blood, drawn from a concubine's bed... see his plans for the world...	
FormID: 0202FC01	HOD04	0H4P9Kat00	2	I dance in dreams... the world is dead by the White King's hand... the world is saved by my love... saved and damned, all in dreams...	
__あたし、夢の中で踊っていたわ…。世界はWhite Kingの手によって破滅を迎えていた。…愛する人が世界を守り…そして死んでしまった。…そんな夢を見たの…。
FormID: 0202FC01	HOD04	0H4P9Kat00	3	The dream is all... the dream is me...	
FormID: 0202FCCB	HOD04	0H4P3Inar04	0	Believe me when I say that I am sorry about this, but I have no choice.	
FormID: 0202FCCB	HOD04	0H4P3Inar04	1	You see, I can't have you meddling in what I'm about to do. Consider yourself lucky. I'm going to let you watch the birth of a god.	
FormID: 0202FCCD	HOD04	0H4P3Inar05	0	Again I apologize. But I see that you have questions. I guess I owe you that much, considering how much you've done for me.	
FormID: 0202FCCD	HOD04	0H4P3Inar05	1	Ask, but know that my time is short.	
FormID: 02030444	HOD04	0H4P3Inar06	0	It's complicated. Let's just say that I was born long before this current empire was even a glimmer in someone's thoughts.	
FormID: 02030444	HOD04	0H4P3Inar06	1	My people were wiped out long ago by that bitch Alessia and her damned revolution. Now there are only a few of us, hiding like beggars.	
FormID: 02030446	HOD04	0H4P3Inar07	0	You're surprised? We were like gods, and yet you think a little thing like time would kill us?	
FormID: 02030446	HOD04	0H4P3Inar07	1	Those who remained after the Slave Wars used the magic of the daedric princes to age slowly. Yet, as you can see, we still age.	
__Slave Wars(奴隷解放戦争)を生き残った同胞たちはdeadric princeの魔法を使い、老化を遅らせた。ご覧の通り、今でもこうして生きているというわけだ。
FormID: 02030446	HOD04	0H4P3Inar07	2	I have seen empires come and fall. I was there when Allessia died, and I watched her empire crumble. But as the ages passed, fewer of us lived on.	
FormID: 02030446	HOD04	0H4P3Inar07	3	My brother and I tried to save my people, but one by one they were hunted down or simply gave up hope. Even my beloved Mirium...	
FormID: 02030446	HOD04	0H4P3Inar07	4	Now my son, Garik, and I are the last of the true blood. The black hunters you've encountered are all half breeds, loyal, but not true Ayleid.	
FormID: 02030448	HOD04	0H4P3Inar08a	0	I was there when the Heart of the Dead was created. My brother and I had different views on how it should be used.	
__私はHeart of the Deadの創造に立ち会った。使い道についての兄弟の意見は真っ二つではあったがな。
FormID: 02030448	HOD04	0H4P3Inar08a	1	He didn't see its power, or what it actually did. He hid it from me, and I've been searching for it ever since.	
FormID: 02030448	HOD04	0H4P3Inar08a	2	I know what the Heart can do. Soon I will be master of the dead, and I will use it heal the world.	
FormID: 0203044A	HOD04	0H4P3Inar09a	0	If you haven't guessed, Yurn was my brother. He created the Heart of the Dead from a splinter of Lorkhan's Heart.	
__まだ納得していないのならば説明しよう。Yurnは私の兄だ。彼がLorkhanの心臓からHeart of the Deadを作りだした。
FormID: 0203044A	HOD04	0H4P3Inar09a	1	He was afraid to use it, to bring back what we had lost. We argued and he fled. 	
FormID: 0203044A	HOD04	0H4P3Inar09a	2	Years later he rose as the White King, and we fought for control of the Heart. I killed him, but his followers repelled me. 	
__その後何年かして、彼はWhite Kingとなってふたたび現れた。私達はHeartをめぐって戦い、彼は命を落とした。しかし、残された彼の信者達に邪魔され、私は去らねばならなかった。
FormID: 0203044A	HOD04	0H4P3Inar09a	3	Those vermin took the Heart and the Armor of the White King and hid them from me. 	
__あのゴキブリ達はHeartとArmor of the White Kingを横取りし、私に分からない場所に隠した。
FormID: 0203044C	HOD04	0H4P3Inar10a	0	Unfortunately, I was the one who first brought the Heart to her homeland, all those centuries ago. I wanted to help them, after all.	
FormID: 0203044C	HOD04	0H4P3Inar10a	1	Yurn was weak, and the power burned out of control. My brother and I fought over it, and he left with the Heart.	
FormID: 0203044C	HOD04	0H4P3Inar10a	2	Ironically, after my brother turned into the White King, he brought all the mystic elves to do his bidding. All these undead were once her people.	
__皮肉な事だ。Mystic elf達を奴隷のように使役したのはWhite Kingへと変貌してからの兄だったのだからな。ここ一帯の不死怪物たちはかつて彼女の一族だった者達のなれの果てだ。
FormID: 0203044E	HOD04	0H4P3Inar10b	0	He was too weak, and the spirit of Lorkhan took him completely. I, however, will not make the same mistake.	
FormID: 02030450	HOD04	0H4P3Inar11a	0	The world has collapsed under the weight of war and hatred. All these small kingdoms, scrabbling and killing for scraps.	
FormID: 02030450	HOD04	0H4P3Inar11a	1	My people brought peace to the land, and the ungrateful masses rose against us.	
FormID: 02030453	HOD04	0H4P3Inar12a	0	Why must you heroes always label brilliance as such? No matter. It is time to witness my ascension.	
FormID: 02030453	HOD04	0H4P3Inar12a	1	My brother was a clever one. The last trap says for Love and Death shall the door swing wide. Only by sacrificing love shall the doorway be opened.	
__兄は聡明な男だった。最後の謎掛けにはこうあったな。[QUOTE]for Love and Death shall the door swing wide(愛と死によって扉は開け放たれるであろう)[QUOTE]。ただ、愛を犠牲にする事によってのみ扉は開かれるという事だ。
FormID: 02030453	HOD04	0H4P3Inar12a	2	The blood of a loved one must be spilled. The sacrifice must be heeded.	
FormID: 02030459	HOD04	0H4P3Inar11b	0	For their own good! You've seen what the lesser races will do when unchecked.	
FormID: 02030459	HOD04	0H4P3Inar11b	1	With the Heart I can bring back my people. My beloved. With it I will remake the world to what it was before. 	
FormID: 0203045B	HOD04	0H4P3Inar12b	0	Again, I am sorry for this. Hopefully one day you'll understand that I do this to heal the world.	
FormID: 0203045C	HOD04	0H4P3Inar12b	0	Yes. For this I give my only begotten son...	
FormID: 0203045D	HOD04	GREETING	0	I see the hatred in your eyes. I hope you know that it pains me to do this, but I do this for the betterment of the world.	
FormID: 0203045F	HOD04	0H4P4Inar1a	0	I know your grief. You don't know this, but Katrina is my daughter. Her mother was a human woman, but it doesn't mean I don't care.	
FormID: 0203045F	HOD04	0H4P4Inar1a	1	We each have our roles. This is hers. I'm sorry.	
FormID: 02030498	HOD04	0H4P9Dublin0	0	I walk in dreams... I see my sister... holding my hand as a child as we watch our parents put into the ground...	

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