FormID: 0201499E cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindBook2 0 Books, really? Okay... me, personally, would be looking for weapons right now... okay, okay. I'll look.
FormID: 020149A0 cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindClothing2 0 Let's see what we can find.
FormID: 02015177 cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindContainer2 0 There should be lots of containers around here.
FormID: 02015179 cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindHarvest2 0 Okay, let's look.
FormID: 0201517A cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindHarvest2 0 Ah, the bounty of nature.
FormID: 0201517B cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindHarvest2 0 Ah, the bounty of nature. I hope you appreciate what She gives you...
FormID: 0201517C cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindHarvest2 0 Yes, please. There's an especially nasty spell I wanted to try and create.
FormID: 0201517D cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindHarvest2 0 You're going to make a potion or something? I could use a speed boost right about now...
FormID: 020155AD cmPartnersQuest2 cmxCommand2 0 Yes, my love?
FormID: 020155AE cmPartnersQuest2 cmxFind2 0 Whatever you need, I'm happy to oblige.
FormID: 020155AF cmPartnersQuest2 cmxItems2 0 No problem.
FormID: 020155B0 cmPartnersQuest2 cmxStyles2 0 As you wish.
FormID: 02015907 cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindWeapons2 0 Okay, let's look.
FormID: 02015908 cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindWeapons2 0 Weapons? Now you're talking.
FormID: 0201590A cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindWeapons2 0 I will if you will.
FormID: 0201590B cmPartnersQuest2 cmFindWeapons2 0 Is yours dull already?
FormID: 0201590C cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMe2 0 Ready when you are.
FormID: 0201590D cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMe2 0 Right behind you.
FormID: 0201590E cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMe2 0 Okay.
FormID: 0201590F cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMe2 0 Alright.
FormID: 020160EF cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMeRelax2 0 Good. Let me slip into something more comfortable.
FormID: 020160F0 cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMeRelax2 0 You got it. This robe's a little tight anyway.
FormID: 020160F1 cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMeRelax2 0 Alright, but it'll be on your head if we are caught unawares.
FormID: 020160F3 cmPartnersQuest2 cmGuard2 0 Okay.
FormID: 020160F4 cmPartnersQuest2 cmGuard2 0 I'm ready to watch your back... and your front if need be.
FormID: 020160F5 cmPartnersQuest2 cmGuard2 0 I shall remain vigilant.
FormID: 020160F6 cmPartnersQuest2 cmGuard2 0 You can count on me.
FormID: 020168F7 cmPartnersQuest2 cmNevermind2 0 Okay.
FormID: 020168F9 cmPartnersQuest2 cmPartyHeal2 0 Right away.
FormID: 020168FA cmPartnersQuest2 cmPartyHeal2 0 Are you hurt?
FormID: 020168FB cmPartnersQuest2 cmPartyHeal2 0 Can I kiss it and make it better?
FormID: 020168FC cmPartnersQuest2 cmPartyHeal2 0 Okay.
FormID: 020168FE cmPartnersQuest2 cmPartyTorch2 0 We could use some light.
FormID: 02016900 cmPartnersQuest2 cmPartyTorchoff2 0 Okay.
FormID: 02016902 cmPartnersQuest2 cmShare2 0 Okay.
FormID: 02016903 cmPartnersQuest2 cmShare2 0 What's mine is yours, my love.
FormID: 02016904 cmPartnersQuest2 cmShare2 0 Here's what I have.
FormID: 02016905 cmPartnersQuest2 cmShare2 0 I'm open to all sorts of things, lover.
FormID: 02016906 cmPartnersQuest2 cmShare2 0 I don't own much, but what's mine is yours. At least while we're traveling together.
FormID: 02016908 cmPartnersQuest2 cmSleep2 0 Let's get some rest.
FormID: 02016909 cmPartnersQuest2 cmSleep2 0 I'm exhausted.
FormID: 0201690A cmPartnersQuest2 cmSleep2 0 Good. I love you, but a girl needs her sleep.
FormID: 0201690B cmPartnersQuest2 cmSleep2 0 I'm beat. You coming?
FormID: 0201690C cmPartnersQuest2 cmSleep2 0 Good. I love you dearly, but a guy needs his sleep.
FormID: 0201690E cmPartnersQuest2 cmStats2 0 Alright.
FormID: 02016910 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStay2 0 Okay.
FormID: 02016911 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStay2 0 Hurry back.
FormID: 02016912 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStay2 0 I don't know if I like your tone, but I will stay here for now.
FormID: 02016913 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStay2 0 I miss you already.
FormID: 020170C1 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStyleAcrobat2 0 Ah, you want it outside the bedroom now. I get it.
FormID: 020170C2 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStyleAcrobat2 0 Hm... I could, but don't expect miracles.
FormID: 020170C3 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStyleAcrobat2 0 Do I look like an acrobat to you? I will try.
FormID: 020170C5 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStyleArcher2 0 Works for me. I love the bow.
FormID: 020170C6 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStyleArcher2 0 Sounds good to me.
FormID: 02017839 cmPartnersQuest2 cmStyleBattleMage2 0 I can do that. Behold my mighty spells!
FormID: 0201783A cmPartnersQuest2 cmStyleBattleMage2 0 If you wish.
FormID: 0201783C cmPartnersQuest2 cmxCommand2 0 You know you can ask me anything.
FormID: 0201783D cmPartnersQuest2 cmxCommand2 0 Yes, my love?
FormID: 0201783E cmPartnersQuest2 cmxCommand2 0 What is it you wish?
FormID: 0201783F cmPartnersQuest2 cmxCommand2 0 I will take what you say into consideration.
FormID: 02017841 cmPartnersQuest2 cmxFind2 0 Find what?
FormID: 02017842 cmPartnersQuest2 cmxFind2 0 What do you wish me to find?
FormID: 02017844 cmPartnersQuest2 cmxItems2 0 What do you need?
FormID: 02017847 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 Yes, my love?
FormID: 02017848 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 Yes, my love?
FormID: 02017849 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 What is your wish?
FormID: 0201784A cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 My wish is your command.
FormID: 0201784B cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 You know, I was just thinking about you.
FormID: 0201784C cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 You wish to speak with me?
FormID: 0201784D cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 The stars shine in your eyes, my lady.
FormID: 0201784E cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 The stars shine in your eyes.
FormID: 0201784F cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 Well, hello there.
FormID: 02017850 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 You have my attention.
FormID: 02017851 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 What do you need?
FormID: 02017852 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 My Lady?
FormID: 02017853 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 Yes?
FormID: 02017854 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 Yes, my love?
FormID: 02017855 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 Make this quick. We have things to do.
FormID: 02017856 cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 Goodbye.
FormID: 02017857 cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 Just think of the adventures that are waiting for us!
FormID: 02017858 cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 Time to go.
FormID: 02017859 cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 Until later.
FormID: 0201785A cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 Onward, that's what I always say.
FormID: 0201785B cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 Let's be off, my lady.
FormID: 0201785C cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 Let's be off.
FormID: 0201785D cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 So what's next, oh fearless leader?
FormID: 0201785E cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 I'll be here if you wish to speak again.
FormID: 0201785F cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 May the Nerevareine guide us.
FormID: 02017860 cmPartnersQuest2 GOODBYE 0 The Nerevarine watch over us.
FormID: 020187F1 cmPartnersQuest2 cmShare2 0 What's mine is yours, love.
FormID: 02019785 cmPartnersQuest2 cmxCommand2 0 Yes, love?
FormID: 02019F1D cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMe2 0 Lead on, oh captain.
FormID: 02019F1E cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMe2 0 May the Nerevarine guild your footsteps.
FormID: 02019F1F cmPartnersQuest2 cmFollowMe2 0 Where are we headed?
FormID: 0201BDFB cmPartnersQuest2 cmItemRepair2 0 Okay, I'll try.
FormID: 0201BDFD cmPartnersQuest2 cmItemRepair2 0 I will gladly repair your armor, but you need to stop being hit.
FormID: 0201DCE1 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 Whatever you need, I'm happy to oblige.
FormID: 0201DCE2 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 You're in need of something?
FormID: 0201DCE3 cmPartnersQuest2 GREETING 0 What is it you wish?

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