FormID: 0203D0C5 Tecskoomatrade 10 0 The Judge Advocate General has asked me to go under cover in Bravil to gather information about the Skooma Trade down there. I should put on the peasants clothing and leave my gear here. This will increase my changes of success greatly. The Judge told me I am not to kill the dealer or the the dealers contacts, this is a fact finding assignment only and I must take care not stay under cover at all times.
FormID: 0203D0C5 Tecskoomatrade 20 0 I have arrived in Bravil and should now try and find a skooma dealer willing to sell me skooma. If I become a regular customer of a dealer, they may trust me enough to reveal more information.
FormID: 0203D0C5 Tecskoomatrade 30 0 I found a dealer willing to sell me Skooma. I should now keep using this dealer until the dealer trusts me enough to reveal more information about the smuggling operation in this area.
FormID: 0203D0C5 Tecskoomatrade 40 0 I have been told to head along the south bank of the Larius River and find some the Khajiit working for the Renrijra Krin. They will give me something the dealer wants. I believe the Khajiit must be West of the city, slightly off the road going down to Leyawiin, so this will not be a long walk. They probably do not want to risk being caught entering the city.
__Larius川の南岸に沿って歩き、Renrijra Krinのもとで働いている幾人かのKhajiitを見つけなければならない。彼らは密売人が望んでいる何かを渡すそうだ。おそらく都市の西側で、たいした距離ではないだろう。彼らは都市の中に入るのを発見されるかも知れないという危険は犯したくないと思われる。
FormID: 0203D0C5 Tecskoomatrade 50 0 I have the Skooma, I should now return it to the Bravil Dealer as quickly as possible without breaking my cover.
FormID: 0203D0C5 Tecskoomatrade 60 0 The deals done, I know everything I need to know about the local Skooma trade. I should head back to the Judge Advocate General now for a debriefing. I must make sure I do not break my cover or all this work is for nothing.
FormID: 0203D0C5 Tecskoomatrade 70 0 The judge is pleased with my work and hopes the information I gathered will help our troops in Elsweyr find the source of the skooma and close it down forever. This will certainly cut down the skooma dealing within Cyrodiil if they are successful.
FormID: 0203D0C5 Tecskoomatrade 80 0 My cover has been blown, the entire mission is a bust. I must return and speak to the Judge Advocate General and explain to her how I screwed up.
FormID: 0203D0C5 Tecskoomatrade 90 0 The Judge Advocate General blew her top, she was very angry with me. I was lucky I got out of the office with my current rank. I thought she was going to demote me. Still you cannot win them all. Perhaps next time I will do better.

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