FormID: 02026374 TecLegionPromotions 10 0 Your dedication to duty has been recognized by the Legion. You are here by promoted to Corporal and are entitled to all the benefits that come with that rank.
__あなたの任務に対する誠実な態度は軍上層部に認められました。 伍長に昇進し、その権限を受け取ることができます。
__任務に対する誠実な態度は軍上層部に認められた。 伍長に昇進し、その権限を受け取ることができる。
FormID: 02026374 TecLegionPromotions 20 0 You are promoted to Sergeant after many days patrolling the roads between the Palace and other cities. The new rank allows you to take jobs from the Judge Advocate General in the Department of Justice.
FormID: 02026374 TecLegionPromotions 30 0 You have been promoted to Lieutenant.
FormID: 02026374 TecLegionPromotions 40 0 You have been ordered to return to the Department of Justice and take a seat whilst you wait for further instructions.
FormID: 02026374 TecLegionPromotions 50 0 Thank you for coming back to the Department of Justice as ordered. The Elder Council is very pleased with your dedication to duty and have promoted you to the rank of Captain. Your old uniform is to be handed back in and you will be issued with a new Uniform more befitting of your new rank.
__指示通りにきちんと来てくれてありがとう。The Elder Councilはあなたが職務に忠実であることに非常に満足している。ここに大尉として認めることを宣言し、古い装備は返還され、新しい階級にふさわしいものが渡される。

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