FormID: 020406BE TECMainplot02 10 0 Ocato has informed me that the Counts of Bravil and Leyawiin are on the verge of open revolt and are assembling an army for use against the Elder council. I have been given orders to destroy the Army and confront the Counts. I must patrol the road between Bravil and Leyawiin and find the Rally Point where the army is gathering. Ocato believes it may be a cave near to road and has sent some Legioneers to the most likely location to assist me.
__OcatoはBravilとLeyawiinの伯爵たちがthe Elder councilに対して反乱を企てていると言った。伯爵たちに軍を編成することをやめさせなければいけない。BravilとLeyawiinの間をパトロールし、軍の拠点を見つけなければ。Ocatoは拠点は洞窟であるかも知れないと考えており、私を手助けするために何人かの帝国軍兵士を調査に向かわせた。
FormID: 020406BE TECMainplot02 100 0 The Duke of Nibany has escaped to Arenthia and is probably hiding out there whilst he finishes building his army. He must have had a spy in Leyawiin too that I missed. Ocato now has control of the Elder Council without the Duke of Nibenay voting against him all the time. Ocato should be able to push through the polices the Empire needs right now, especially with his loyal allies the Counts of Bravil and Leyawiin suddenly very eager to help him.
__Nibany公爵はArenthiaに逃亡し、彼の軍勢が整うまで隠れているだろう。Leyawiinで逃がしてしまったのはおそらく彼のスパイだ。Ocatoは現在the Elder Councilを今まで反対票を入れ続けていたNibenay公爵なしで動かすことができ、突然協力的になったBravilとLeyawiinの伯爵の助けを得ることがだきる。
FormID: 020406BE TECMainplot02 20 0 Upon arriving at the location Ocato believes to be the rally point you notice the Legioneers are already there and have been waiting for you. Near by is a cave that is not marked on your map. Your gut tells you that is where the Army is hiding and you brace your self for what is sure to be one hell of a fight.
FormID: 020406BE TECMainplot02 30 0 You realise upon entering the cave that this is indeed the place you have been searching for. The legioneers with you are eager to do battle but your senses tell you that you are out numbered 4 to 1 at least and caution is advised. Even so the heavy breathing on your kneck warns you that these Legioneers will charge off in to battle the moment they smell a rat, this is going to be hard. (Tip: Set the game difficulty to 25% if you find it too hard).
__ここが本当に探している場所のようで入ってみることにした。軍兵士たちは一緒に戦いたがっているが、他にも外出しているものがいそうなのでに見張りを残しておくべきだろうと考えた。彼らがもし無謀な突撃をはじめたらそれもまた大変なことになりそうな気もする。 (注釈:もし難しすぎるようでしたら難易度を25%あたりまで下げてみてください)
__ここが本当に探している場所のようで入ってみることにした。軍団兵たちは一緒に戦いたがっているが、他にも外出しているものがいそうなのでに見張りを残しておくべきだろうと考えた。彼らがもし無謀な突撃をはじめたらそれもまた大変なことになりそうな気もする。 (注釈:もし難しすぎるようでしたら難易度を25%あたりまで下げてみてください)
FormID: 020406BE TECMainplot02 40 0 The rebel army is destroyed and the plot against the Elder Council delt with. Now it is time to confront the Count of Leyawiin about this, the Count of Bravil will just have to wait his turn.
__反乱軍は鎮圧された。Elder Councilに対する計画は変更を余儀なくされた。Leyawiin公爵にこのことを尋ねる時だ。Bravil伯爵は熟考しなければならないことを悟るだろう。
FormID: 020406BE TECMainplot02 60 0 Count Caro of Leyawiin has confessed and pointed the finger at Count Regulus Terentius of Bravil. I must now pay Count Terentius a little visit and get his confession for Ocato.
__LeyawiinのCaro伯爵は告白し、BravilのRegulus Terentius伯爵を非難した。 Terentius伯爵に会い、彼の供述書を得てOcatoに届けなければ。
FormID: 020406BE TECMainplot02 80 0 I got the whole story from Count Terentius, The Duke of Nibenay is behind this and is currently building another Army, probably in Arenthia. I must warn Ocato at once. Fortunately his spy is dead, so he will not know we are on to him until we have him at sword point.

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