FormID: 02036C17 TECMainplot01 10 0 Ocato told me the peasants in Bravil are revolting, I agreed with him but that was not what he meant. He meant they really were revolting and he wants me to head down to Bravil and settle the matter. Perhaps one of the peasants will explain the problem to me if I ask them nicely.
FormID: 02036C17 TECMainplot01 100 0 I have briefed Ocato about the revolting peasants, the bandits and the army being sent against the Imperial city. Ocato did not seem surprised to hear this news. I could see in his eyes that he has recieved other news whilst I was away. I had better stay close to the Palace and check back with him often, he may need my help again at short notice.
FormID: 02036C17 TECMainplot01 20 0 I have arrived in Bravil. I expect the revolting peasants will be somewhere near the castle. I should try and find the leader and ask him what is going on.
FormID: 02036C17 TECMainplot01 25 0 The Peasant Leader told me about a Black Bow Bandit Camp on the road to Leyawiin. It is odd that the count of Leyawiin will not act against an known Black Bow Bandit Camp. I should go there and have a look around. Something about this situation just does not smell right.
__農民達のリーダーはLeyawiinに続く道のBlack Bow Banditの野営地について話した。Black Bow Banditの既に知られているキャンプにLeyawiin伯爵が何も手を打たないのは奇妙である。何かがおかしい、付近を調査してみるべきだろう。
FormID: 02036C17 TECMainplot01 30 0 I found a chest with a note inside. The note tells me about a meeting between these bandits and somebody called Hojor Roflin at the Five Claws Lodge. I must speak with this Hojor Roflin, he is clearly a leader of these bandits and may know more about what is happening.
__箱の中からメモを見つけた。それにはFive Claws Lodgeで彼らの会合があると書かれている。Hojor Roflinと呼ばれている男がリーダーのようだ。彼と話して見るべきだろう。
FormID: 02036C17 TECMainplot01 40 0 I have arrived at the Five Claws Lodge, I must now find and speak to Hojor Roflin. I must pretend to be one of his Black Bow Bandits for a while and get as much information out of him as I can.
__Five Claws Lodgeに到着した。Hojor Roflinと話すために、しばらくBlack Bow Banditsの一員のふりをして可能な限り情報をあつめるべきだろう。
FormID: 02036C17 TECMainplot01 50 0 Hojor Roflin found me out, he and his men are not real Black Bow Bandits, it was just a cover. I must get back to the Palace and report what I have learned to Ocato as quickly as possible. But Hojor Roflin's men are going to be after me the moment I step outside the gates of Leyawiin, I must be careful. (Fast Travel Disabled)
__Hojor Roflinは私に気づいてしまった。彼らは本当のBlack Bow Banditsではなく、そうであるよう偽装していた。可能な限り早くOcatoに報告しなければ。だが、彼らがつけてくるのではないかと気をつけなければならない。 (ファストトラベルは使用不可です)
FormID: 02036C17 TECMainplot01 80 0 I have arrived safely at the Imperial city. I must now talk to Ocato and tell him of the plot against the council. (Fast Travel Enabled)
__無事Imperial cityに帰ることができた。Ocatoと陰謀について話さねばならない。 (ファストトラベルは利用可能になりました)

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