FormID: 020601DE TECMainPlotEnd 10 0 I am now a member of the Elder Council. Ocato has told me that I will represent Anvil, Skingrad and Kvatch here at the Palace and has given me a room here too. I must look for the Colovian representative's Quarters down stairs. My duties as Councillor will include sitting here and listening to endless waffle from boring Noblemen and that's about it. So if I want to help run the empire. I still need to visit the same Civil servants as before because they are the real power in the palace.
__Elder Councilのメンバーとなった。Ocatoは私がAnvil、Skingrad、Kvatchの代表として議会に参加し、ここの一室を与えられたと伝えた。階下でColovian代表の区画を探しておこう。評議員としての私の仕事はここに座って終わりのない貴族達の無駄口を聞くことだ。宮殿の本当の力は公務員が持っており、帝国を滞りなく運営するためには今まで通り彼らを訪ねる必要がある。

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