FormID: 0100E2C0 aaDialogueTV GREETING 0 I want to drink alone, so I prefer to be by myself.
FormID: 0100E2C2 aaDialogueTV GREETING 0 Look, I said I want to be alone...
FormID: 0100E2C2 aaDialogueTV GREETING 1 Wait... it's you - you're the one who framed and murdered Audens!
__待て…お前は - お前はAudensを陥れ殺した奴じゃないか!
FormID: 0100E2C5 aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVHow 0 He... he was my brother-in-arms.
FormID: 0100E2C5 aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVHow 1 We campaigned together in our younger days.
FormID: 0100E2C5 aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVHow 2 He saved my life on three different occasions.
FormID: 0100E2C5 aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVHow 3 I doubt you have ever experienced the bonds forged in warfare.
FormID: 0100E2C5 aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVHow 4 Until then, you can never understand my grief.
FormID: 0100E2C6 aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVExplain 0 Circumstances? My friend is dead, felled by your bloody hand.
FormID: 0100E2C6 aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVExplain 1 They call you champion, but I say you are a butcher.
FormID: 0100E2C6 aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVExplain 2 I have spilled blood across this continent, but my deeds are eclipsed by your ceaseless slaughter.
FormID: 0100E2C6 aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVExplain 3 You are a monster - a lowly beast, devoid of honor or reason.
__お前は怪物だ - 名誉も道理もない、卑しい獣だよ。
FormID: 0100E2CA aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVInsult 0 I underestimated your depravity.
FormID: 0100E2CA aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVInsult 1 You would trample a dead man's grave with your slander?
FormID: 0100E2CA aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVInsult 2 I won't tolerate it... I... demand justice!
FormID: 0100E2CA aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVInsult 3 Meet me outside Bloodcrust Cavern, east of town. We'll settle this once and for all.
__街の東、Bloodcrust Cavernの外まで来い。決着をつけようじゃないか。
FormID: 0100E2CB aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVCircumstances 0 I piss on your talk of law, citizen!
FormID: 0100E2CB aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVCircumstances 1 I don't want words - I want your blood!
__お前の言い訳など求めていない - 求めているのはお前の血だ!
FormID: 0100E2CC aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVWalkAway 0 Don't turn your back on me!
FormID: 0100E2CC aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVWalkAway 1 I demand satisfaction on the matter!
FormID: 0100E2CC aaDialogueTV aaDialogueTVWalkAway 2 Meet me outside Bloodcrust Cavern, east of town. We'll settle this once and for all.
__街の東、Bloodcrust Cavernの外まで来い。決着をつけようじゃないか。
FormID: 0100E2CE aaDialogueTV GREETING 0 So you've arrived.
FormID: 0100E2CE aaDialogueTV GREETING 1 Audens will be avenged!

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