FormID: 01009E6E aaDialoguePriscusVerus GREETING 0 Piss off.
FormID: 01009E6F aaDialoguePriscusVerus GREETING 0 Well, if it isn't the grand champion in the flesh.
__おや、これはこれは。Grand Champion殿ではありませんか。
FormID: 01009E6F aaDialoguePriscusVerus GREETING 1 Of course, everybody knows that you didn't really earn the title.
FormID: 01009E75 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVWho 0 I'm your better, that's who I am.
FormID: 01009E75 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVWho 1 A better man, and better gladiator than you could ever be, for that matter.
FormID: 01009E76 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVWhy 0 Allow me to explain.
FormID: 01009E76 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVWhy 1 I saw you hack down the Gray Prince - he didn't even put up a fight!
__俺はお前がGray Princeを打ち倒すところを見ていた - 抵抗さえしない相手を打ち倒すのをな!
FormID: 01009E76 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVWhy 2 It was nothing more than a cheap murder.
FormID: 01009E77 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVNoTrouble 0 Maybe so, but I know you're simply too timid to answer my allegations with force.
FormID: 01009E77 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVNoTrouble 1 You're too afraid to spend time in that prison cell, eh? I could tell you were a coward from the start.
FormID: 01009E77 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVNoTrouble 2 That's right, you're a shallow, spineless cunt, born from the womb of a whore.
FormID: 01009E77 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVNoTrouble 3 What say you to that, Grand Champion?
__ここまで言われて黙ってるのか、Grand Champion?
FormID: 01009E78 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVInsult 0 You can't ignore me, you pompous fake!
FormID: 01009E78 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVInsult 1 I'll have your blood for that insult!
FormID: 01009E79 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVDuel 0 It is to be a duel, then?
FormID: 01009E79 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVDuel 1 If so, let it be to the death!
FormID: 01009E79 aaDialoguePriscusVerus aaPVDuel 2 Make your peace with the nine, then meet me at the fork in the road west of town.
FormID: 01009E7D aaDialoguePriscusVerus GREETING 0 Well, I didn't think you had the moxie to actually face me.
FormID: 01009E7D aaDialoguePriscusVerus GREETING 1 En garde!

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