FormID: 010194E4 aaDialoguePedr GREETING 0 Welcome, welcome! I beseech you to join our congregation of the faithful!
FormID: 010194E4 aaDialoguePedr GREETING 1 Wait... there is something strange about you.
FormID: 010194E4 aaDialoguePedr GREETING 2 You... you are the cursed one - the prophet spoke of your coming!
__あなたは…あなたは予言者が出現を告げていた - 呪われし者ではありませんか!
FormID: 010194E7 aaDialoguePedr aaPedrWhat 0 I must purge this devilry!
FormID: 0102DD99 aaDialoguePedr GREETING 0 I was wondering when you'd be back here.
FormID: 0102DD99 aaDialoguePedr GREETING 1 Seeing as you're my most inquisitive patron, I've got some information that might sate your appetite for rumors.
FormID: 0102DD9B aaDialoguePedr aaPedrMalene 0 There's some loony preacher that's been travelling the road between here and Aleswell.
FormID: 0102DD9B aaDialoguePedr aaPedrMalene 1 He's always griping about the state of things and proclaiming the end is nigh.
FormID: 0102DD9B aaDialoguePedr aaPedrMalene 2 At first it wasn't taken seriously by anyone, but he's started making threats against locals.
FormID: 0102DD9B aaDialoguePedr aaPedrMalene 3 This is normally a peaceful area, and it's making us uncomfortable. I can count on you to look into it, right? Thanks.

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