FormID: 0101498D aaDialogueOneginMordred GREETING 0 Move on, pilgrim.
FormID: 0101498E aaDialogueOneginMordred GREETING 0 So you're the champion everyone is talking about. I'm not impressed
FormID: 01014991 aaDialogueOneginMordred aaOneginWho 0 I'm Onegin, a knight-errant. More importantly, I'm a man with a reputation to uphold.
FormID: 01014993 aaDialogueOneginMordred aaOneginReputation 0 For killing mouthy do-gooders like you.
FormID: 01014994 aaDialogueOneginMordred aaOneginInsult1 0 I've never had a talent for comedy.
FormID: 01014994 aaDialogueOneginMordred aaOneginInsult1 1 Swordplay is another matter.

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