FormID: 010351F4 aaDialogueMOS GREETING 0 Have you read the Black Horse Courier lately?
__Black Horse Courierの記事は読みましたか?
FormID: 010351F5 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus1 0 That new writer said that you're a fraud, and a murderer to boot.
__Black Horse Courierの新人記者が書く所によると、あなたは「偽物の英雄で、許されざる殺人者」なのだそうです。
FormID: 010351F5 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus1 1 Here's an excerpt: [QUOTE]And this so-called champion has left a bloody trail of destruction and misery in his wake...[QUOTE]
FormID: 010351F5 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus1 2 [QUOTE]Conducting a crusade throughout our otherwise tranquil land, arbitrarily meting out justice in the fashion of a homicidal vigilante.[QUOTE]
FormID: 010351F5 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus1 3 Do you want me to keep reading?
FormID: 010351F7 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus2 0 [QUOTE]Furthermore, this brutish rogue operates under the pretense of slaying vampires and other mythical fiends...[QUOTE]
FormID: 010351F7 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus2 1 [QUOTE]...whilst only serving to enrich himself and collect various properties and dubious titles throughout Cyrodiil...[QUOTE]
FormID: 010351F7 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus2 2 You probably don't want to hear the last part, so how about a drin...
FormID: 010351F8 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus3 0 Uh, ok.
FormID: 010351F8 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus3 1 [QUOTE]All the past misdeeds are eclipsed by the champion's latest malfeasance, though...[QUOTE]
FormID: 010351F8 aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus3 2 [QUOTE]Credible sources indicate the supposed hero has engaged in an improper relationship with the Countess of Bruma![QUOTE]
FormID: 010351FA aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus4 0 You can find him at the Black Horse Courier - they say he's very studious!
__分かりました。この記事を書いた記者ならBlack Horse Courierで見つかります。熱心な記者だともっぱらの評判ですよ。
FormID: 010351FA aaDialogueMOS aaMOSVelus4 1 Uh, good luck!
FormID: 010351FB aaDialogueMOS GREETING 0 What the hell do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?
FormID: 010351FE aaDialogueMOS aaMOS1 0 Yes, I'm quite proud of it.
FormID: 010351FE aaDialogueMOS aaMOS1 1 There's no need to thank me - I'm content in spreading the truth.
FormID: 010351FE aaDialogueMOS aaMOS1 2 The honest citizens of our great land deserve the facts. Come back later and I'll give you an autographed copy.
FormID: 01035202 aaDialogueMOS aaMOS2 0 Let me guess, you are the esteemed champion, come to demand a retraction?
FormID: 01035202 aaDialogueMOS aaMOS2 1 I'll sooner fornicate with an ogre than print a retraction!
FormID: 01035202 aaDialogueMOS aaMOS2 2 And don't think you can threaten me - we still have freedom of speech in this land, despite thugs like you!
FormID: 01035203 aaDialogueMOS aaMOS3 0 That's preposterous! I won't stand for such an insult!
FormID: 01035204 aaDialogueMOS aaMOS4 0 I... I challenge you to a duel!
FormID: 01035206 aaDialogueMOS aaMOS5 0 Enough! We'll settle this outside Memorial Cave.
__話し合いはもう充分です!Memorial Caveで決着をつけましょう。
FormID: 01035206 aaDialogueMOS aaMOS5 1 Be there or consider yourself a coward and outlaw!
FormID: 010358DB aaDialogueMOS GREETING 0 I've always liked the idea of dueling on the beach.
FormID: 010358DB aaDialogueMOS GREETING 1 However, my employer appreciates my talents as a writer and fully understands my limited abilities with the blade.
FormID: 010358DB aaDialogueMOS GREETING 2 Your death will assure my brilliant career continues to flourish, while my employer will be rid of your annoying intrusions.
FormID: 010358DD aaDialogueMOS aaMOSDuel1 0 No need to worry. It will all be over soon.
FormID: 010358DD aaDialogueMOS aaMOSDuel1 1 Take heart - your death will be documented in dramatic, vivid prose by myself. Ah, my associates have arrived. I'm afraid our conversation must end.

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