FormID: 01039D6C aaDialogueJeanGalois GREETING 0 If my husband asks, don't tell him I was here.
FormID: 01039D6D aaDialogueJeanGalois GREETING 0 Hello there, handsome. Buy a girl a drink?
FormID: 01039D70 aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGaloisWifeNo 0 Your loss, stranger. Come back if you come to your senses.
FormID: 01039D71 aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGaloisWifeYes 0 It doesn't matter, sweetie.
FormID: 01039D71 aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGaloisWifeYes 1 Would you like to go somewhere more... private?
FormID: 01039D73 aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGaloisWifeYes2 0 Just stay put for a moment while I gather my things. I know the perfect place for us.
FormID: 01039D76 aaDialogueJeanGalois GREETING 0 You there! I saw you talking with my wife!
FormID: 01039D79 aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGalois1 0 I'll wait for nothing.
FormID: 01039D79 aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGalois1 1 You're not the first my wife has been seeing, but you'll be the last!
FormID: 01039D7B aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGalois2 0 That's what they all say! I can't stop her lying and whoring!
FormID: 01039D7B aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGalois2 1 You studs think you can stroll in here and steal the old nobleman's young, pretty wife, eh? Well it stops now!
FormID: 01039D7B aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGalois2 2 My family's honor is now at stake - I demand a duel!
__我が一族の誇りを守るため - 決闘を申し込む!
FormID: 01039D7B aaDialogueJeanGalois aaJeanGalois2 3 Meet me at the road sign outside Weynon Priory! Be there or consider your reputation and assets in Chorrol forfeit!
__Weynon Prioryの外の道標にて待っているぞ!Chorrolにおける富と名誉を思うなら来るがいい!
FormID: 01039D7D aaDialogueJeanGalois GREETING 0 May the nine favor the better man, and thus see my honor defended.
FormID: 01039D7D aaDialogueJeanGalois GREETING 1 En garde!

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