FormID: 0101F4C6 aaDialogueJC GREETING 0 I'm so sick of that Julius guy!
FormID: 0101F4C8 aaDialogueJC aaSjirraProblem 0 That old pervert won't leave me alone!
FormID: 0101F4C8 aaDialogueJC aaSjirraProblem 1 He keeps hounding me for a date and he won't take no for an answer!
FormID: 0101F4C8 aaDialogueJC aaSjirraProblem 2 Every time I turn around he's trying to grope me... I can't get my work done!
FormID: 0101F4C8 aaDialogueJC aaSjirraProblem 3 Well, anyway - thanks for listening.
__まあ、ともかく - 聞いてくれてありがとうよ。
FormID: 0101F4CA aaDialogueJC GREETING 0 Check out the ass on S'jirra! It makes me purr like a kitten!
FormID: 0101F4CB aaDialogueJC GREETING 0 I saw you talking to S'jirra. I'm going to warn you once - she's my girl, so stay away.
__S'jirraと話してたみたいだな。警告しておく - あいつは俺の女だ、近寄るなよ。
FormID: 0101F4CE aaDialogueJC aaJCLeaveAlone 0 What, are you her father or something?
FormID: 0101F4CE aaDialogueJC aaJCLeaveAlone 1 Kiss my ass!
FormID: 0101F4D0 aaDialogueJC aaJCInsult 0 Why you little... I'll show you impotent!
FormID: 0101F4D0 aaDialogueJC aaJCInsult 1 Meet me outside, then we'll see!
FormID: 0101F4D1 aaDialogueJC aaJCStepOutside 0 Gladly!
FormID: 0101F4D3 aaDialogueJC GREETING 0 Make your move!
FormID: 0101F4D4 aaDialogueJC GREETING 0 Thank you for getting rid of that creep!

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