FormID: 01024DAF aaDialogueFinnNuada GREETING 0 Ah, what brings you to the the esteemed court of Chorrol?
FormID: 01024DB0 aaDialogueFinnNuada GREETING 0 Greetings, noble champion! To what do we owe this honor?
FormID: 01024DB1 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNWho 0 I am Finn Nuada, master of song and spoken word, at your service!
__私の名はFinn Nuada。話術と歌の教師をしている者です。以後お見知りおきを。
FormID: 01024DB3 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNWhat 0 I am an invaluable addition to the Countess' entourage.
FormID: 01024DB3 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNWhat 1 My ballads shield the Countess from tedium and inspire good judgement!
FormID: 01024DB3 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNWhat 2 As compensation, the Countess may assist me with some rather regrettable debts.
FormID: 01024DB7 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNDemonstration 0 I would be honored!
FormID: 01024DB7 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNDemonstration 1 [As Finn commences to sing, his absolute lack of talent is laid bare]
FormID: 01024DB7 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNDemonstration 2 Well, were you stunned or mesmerized?
FormID: 01024DB9 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNYouStink 0 But... mother always said I had a charming voice...
FormID: 01024DB9 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNYouStink 1 You're just jealous! You think you can supplant me and my gifts at court, eh?
FormID: 01024DB9 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNYouStink 2 Well, we'll see about that - I'm not just some effete artist.
FormID: 01024DB9 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNYouStink 3 My aptitude for verse is exceeded only by my prowess with the blade!
FormID: 01024DB9 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNYouStink 4 I hereby challenge you for this insult! Meet me at the road sign near Weynon Priory!
__この侮辱、決闘で晴らさせて頂きます!Weynon Prioryそばの街道標識の所で落ち合いましょう。
FormID: 01024DBA aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNMooch 0 You brusque creature, how dare you accuse me of cadging like some low vagrant!
FormID: 01024DBA aaDialogueFinnNuada aaFNMooch 1 I will not endure this affront! Meet me at the road sign near Weynon Priory, and you'll answer for this assault on my honor!
__こんな侮辱には耐えられません!あなたは私の名誉を汚した報いを受けるべきです!Weynon Priory近くの街道標識の所で決着を付けようではありませんか!
FormID: 01024DBF aaDialogueFinnNuada GREETING 0 I see you've decided to accept the challenge.
FormID: 01024DBF aaDialogueFinnNuada GREETING 1 Take heart in this fact - your imminent demise will inspire a new poem documenting my courageous victory!
FormID: 01024DBF aaDialogueFinnNuada GREETING 2 En Garde!
FormID: 01026241 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaHelgoForceGreet 0 Dammit, I needed him alive!
FormID: 01026243 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaHelgoWho 0 I'm Helgo, a lender to Finn Nuada.
__俺の名はHelgo。Finn Nuadaの債権者だ。
FormID: 01026243 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaHelgoWho 1 I've been tracking that worm for weeks, and now you've killed him!
FormID: 01026243 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaHelgoWho 2 I was going to extract payment from him...
FormID: 01026246 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaHelgoDuel 0 I'm not going back to the boss empty-handed.
FormID: 01026247 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaHelgoNotMyProblem 0 You're wrong. It's your problem now. I want 2,000 septims right now or it's your life!
__何言ってんだよ。お前にばっくれてもらっちゃ困る。今すぐ2,000 septim払いな。払えないなら死ね!
FormID: 01026249 aaDialogueFinnNuada aaHelgoFight 0 Then we'll do this the hard way.

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