FormID: 0102BB5D aaDialogueEraric GREETING 0 Do you wish to give battle?
FormID: 0102BB5F aaDialogueEraric aaEraricNoFight 0 Move on, then.
FormID: 0102BB60 aaDialogueEraric aaEraricFight 0 Ready yourself.
FormID: 0102BB60 aaDialogueEraric aaEraricFight 1 May the gods favor the better man, stranger.
FormID: 0102C916 aaDialogueEraric GREETING 0 I know you're always got an ear for rumors, and I've got something if you're interested.
FormID: 0102C918 aaDialogueEraric aaEraricOlav 0 Word is that some wild man is roaming the roads between Silvertooth Cave and Kingscrest Cavern.
__噂によると、Silvertooth CaveとKingscrest Cavernの間を結ぶ道を、腕っ節の強い男が流離ってるらしい。
FormID: 0102C918 aaDialogueEraric aaEraricOlav 1 I've heard he's prone to dueling with travellers, and he's made a name for himself killing both bandits and beasts.
FormID: 0102C918 aaDialogueEraric aaEraricOlav 2 I don't know much more than that. You're always looking for another crazy adventure, so there you go. Good luck.

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