FormID: 010411EE aaDialogueEgill GREETING 0 What are you doing in my house? Did you put this garbage in here?
FormID: 010411F2 aaDialogueEgill aaEgill1 0 There is no mistake. I inherited this property from my great uncle Olof, who lived here long before that silly countess came to power!
FormID: 010411F3 aaDialogueEgill aaEgill2 0 She can do nothing! There is only one way to solve this.
FormID: 010411F3 aaDialogueEgill aaEgill2 1 I propose a trial by combat - your claim against mine. Whoever is left standing retains possession of the house. This is the law of the Nords.
__戦いで決めようじゃないか - 俺とお前の主張、どっちが正しいか。生き残った方がこの家の所有権を手にする。これがNordの法さ。
FormID: 010411F4 aaDialogueEgill aaEgill3 0 Meet me at the road sign east of town, where the road forks.
FormID: 010411F5 aaDialogueEgill GREETING 0 May the best man win!

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