FormID: 010015AC aaDialogueDroZakar aaForceGreetDroZakar 0 I must have words with you, worm!
FormID: 010015D4 aaDialogueDroZakar aaDialogueDroZakarWho 0 I am Dro'Zakar, father to Ri'Zakar, thus I am compelled to spill your blood!
FormID: 010015D5 aaDialogueDroZakar aaDialogueDroZakarNoFight 0 Spare me your lies. You bloody deeds are testament to your criminal nature.
FormID: 010015D5 aaDialogueDroZakar aaDialogueDroZakarNoFight 1 You are a deceiver, a murderer, and a base coward.
FormID: 010015D6 aaDialogueDroZakar aaDialogueDroZakarInsult 0 Let's see if you joke when you're fed your own guts, meatbag!
FormID: 010015D9 aaDialogueDroZakar aaDialogueDroZakarDie 0 I'll Piss on your corpse!
FormID: 010015DC aaDialogueDroZakar aaDialogueDroZakarWhy1 0 Why? You are the murderer of my eldest son, the pride of my clan, Ri'Zakar.
FormID: 01005354 aaDialogueDroZakar aaDialogueDroZakarWarning 0 Funny you ask, there's some old Khajiit asking about you.
FormID: 01005354 aaDialogueDroZakar aaDialogueDroZakarWarning 1 He seemed a bit... unbalanced. You should watch your back.
FormID: 01042D4E aaDialogueDroZakar aaDroZakarDuelPropose 0 Meet me on the road heading north of town, near the old bridge.
FormID: 01042D50 aaDialogueDroZakar GREETING 0 We will fight at the dueling site, idiot. Stop harassing me.
FormID: 01042D51 aaDialogueDroZakar GREETING 0 Now, my son will be avenged!

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