FormID: 0102FFD6 aaDialogueDarius GREETING 0 It's good to see you again.
FormID: 0102FFD6 aaDialogueDarius GREETING 1 I'm glad you're doing well. You've certainly come a long way since you escaped that prison cell.
FormID: 0102FFD6 aaDialogueDarius GREETING 2 You've become an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter in your own right, far better than I ever was.
FormID: 0102FFD6 aaDialogueDarius GREETING 3 You're even better than my trainer was, in fact.
FormID: 0102FFD8 aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvis 0 Don't thank me yet - I haven't finished.
__ありがとう、は今はナシだ - まだやる事があるからな。
FormID: 0102FFD8 aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvis 1 My trainer was an old Altmer monk who shared his expertise with very few people.
FormID: 0102FFD8 aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvis 2 One of his students was a redguard named Darius. He was the most gifted unarmed fighter my master ever taught, according to him.
FormID: 0102FFD8 aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvis 3 Darius was the paradigm for young monks - pious, diligent, and bold. But ultimately, he slipped into darkness...
__Dariusは若い修道僧の鑑のような男だったよ - 敬虔で、勤勉で、勇敢だった。だが最終的には、彼は闇へと落ちてしまったんだ…
FormID: 0102FFDA aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvius2 0 Just shut up and listen.
FormID: 0102FFDA aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvius2 1 Darius became impetuous as his skill progressed. He began making solo crusades into vampire lairs.
FormID: 0102FFDA aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvius2 2 He single-handedly purged six lairs, but in the process he contracted vampirism.
FormID: 0102FFDA aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvius2 3 Soon Darius was unrecognizable, even to himself. He retreated to Fort Vlastarus, where he's still rumored to linger today.
__ほどなくDariusは、本人でさえ彼とは分からないほどに変貌してしまった。彼はFort Vlastarusに隠れ住むようになった。噂では今でもそこにいるらしい。
FormID: 0102FFDC aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvius3 0 Plenty have tried - numerous, seasoned vampire hunters have ventured in there. None of them came back out.
__挑戦者なら大勢いたよ - 数多くの手練れのvampire hunterがそこへ向かった。そして誰も帰っては来なかった。
FormID: 0102FFDC aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvius3 1 Darius is the most dangerous fighter that ever lived. His vampirism has only augmented his physical abilities.
FormID: 0102FFDC aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvius3 2 He is a malevolent presence in our land - a bane to all life. We have a duty to destroy him. You must venture there and do this.
__彼の存在はこの地にとって非常に危険なんだ - 全ての生物にとっての脅威だ。我々には彼を倒す義務がある。君はそこへ向かい、それを成し遂げなくてはならない。
FormID: 0102FFDC aaDialogueDarius aaDariusHelvius3 3 I would never ask anyone else do undertake this task, because no one else is capable. Good luck.
FormID: 0102FFDD aaDialogueDarius GREETING 0 You were sent by Helvius, weren't you?
FormID: 0102FFDD aaDialogueDarius GREETING 1 He's a fatuous stooge, and you will pay the price for his stupidity.
FormID: 0102FFDD aaDialogueDarius GREETING 2 After I break your spine, we'll feed...
FormID: 0102FFDD aaDialogueDarius GREETING 3 You look strong. You should keep us sated for months!

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