FormID: 0102EB49 aaDialogueCM GREETING 0 I see you've acquired some skill with the blade.
FormID: 0102EB49 aaDialogueCM GREETING 1 You've far exceeded my abilities. While I can't pass on any more knowledge, I can present a challenge, if you're interested.
FormID: 0102EB4B aaDialogueCM aaAlixLencolia 0 Have you ever heard of Claiomh Miyamoto?
__Claiomh Miyamotoの名を聞いた事はないか?
FormID: 0102EB4D aaDialogueCM aaAlixLencolia2 0 His skills may be legendary, but rest assured he's not a myth.
FormID: 0102EB4D aaDialogueCM aaAlixLencolia2 1 He's the greatest swordsman alive. He's won over 250 duels, supposedly.
FormID: 0102EB4D aaDialogueCM aaAlixLencolia2 2 He wanders near Shadeleaf Copse. Claiomh always had a deep affinity for nature, and an equally strong disdain for his fellow humans.
__彼はShadeleaf Copse付近をさまよっているらしい。Claiomhは自然に対し深い親しみを抱いているんだ、そしてそれと同じだけ強く、人間を軽蔑している。
FormID: 0102EB4D aaDialogueCM aaAlixLencolia2 3 He doesn't like to be disturbed, so don't expect a warm welcome.
FormID: 0102EB4D aaDialogueCM aaAlixLencolia2 4 Claiomh can disembowel you in the blink of an eye, regardless of your skill and confidence. Consider yourself warned.
FormID: 0102EB50 aaDialogueCM GREETING 0 Why have you disturbed me?
FormID: 0102EB52 aaDialogueCM aaCM1 0 You young souls, full of vim and ambition, always eager to die by my sword...
FormID: 0102EB52 aaDialogueCM aaCM1 1 If it's your desire, so be it.

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