FormID: 0103AB29 aaDialogueBarryCubric GREETING 0 You've been a good friend to the Countess since I've known you, and in light of your past service I'd like to ask another favor of you.
FormID: 0103AB2B aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe1 0 As you well know, the Countess has been a widow for some time now.
FormID: 0103AB2B aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe1 1 Several suitors of questionable means and merit have drifted through, but none sparked even a second glance from the good Countess.
FormID: 0103AB2B aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe1 2 However, a young noble by the name of Barry Cubric recently entered court, and he is steadily inveigling the Countess into accepting marriage.
__しかし、最近宮廷入りしたBarry Cubricという名の若い貴族は、着々と伯爵夫人を結婚へ丸め込もうとしているのです。
FormID: 0103AB2D aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe2 0 The problem is that Cubric is a fraud. My sources indicate that he comes from very humble roots, and may have been a deserter from the legion.
FormID: 0103AB2D aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe2 1 He has a habit of seducing wealthy widows and then departing with chunks of their fortune. Many of these widows die under questionable circumstances.
FormID: 0103AB2D aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe2 2 I believe he will marry the countess and then arrange her demise to propel himself to power. With a proper title he will be set for life.
FormID: 0103AB2F aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe3 0 Yes, but it's hardly unfounded.
FormID: 0103AB2F aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe3 1 I can't denounce him openly without solid proof, but there's none at hand. Therefore I'm relying on you to get rid of this libertine.
FormID: 0103AB31 aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe4 0 No, but you are a duelist of some repute, correct?
FormID: 0103AB31 aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe4 1 Cubric is headstrong and has a history of dueling in his own right. You must compel him to fight, and then best him in single combat.
FormID: 0103AB31 aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricLaythe4 2 He is no slouch with the blade, and he's made of sterner stuff than the average noble, so be careful. Good luck.
FormID: 0103AB33 aaDialogueBarryCubric GREETING 0 Good day. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Barry...
FormID: 0103AB38 aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricInterrupt 0 Excuse me? Are you mad?
FormID: 0103AB39 aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricInsult1 0 You cannot perturb me with such shallow mockery.
FormID: 0103AB3A aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricInsult2 0 There are countless women who would gainsay your mindless slander.
FormID: 0103AB3B aaDialogueBarryCubric aaBarryCubricInsult3 0 I will not tolerate such insolence! I'll eat your liver for this insult! Meet me at the road sign and we'll see who's the spawn of mimes!
FormID: 0103AB3D aaDialogueBarryCubric GREETING 0 I will carve you into bits for the wolves to dine on!
FormID: 0103AB3D aaDialogueBarryCubric GREETING 1 En garde!

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