FormID: 01031467 aaDialogueAtaulf GREETING 0 Ah, my best student.
FormID: 01031467 aaDialogueAtaulf GREETING 1 I've got a task that requires your skillset.
FormID: 01031469 aaDialogueAtaulf aaAtaulfIreneMetrick1 0 A former pupil of mine, Ataulf, just went rogue.
FormID: 01031469 aaDialogueAtaulf aaAtaulfIreneMetrick1 1 He's a half-vampire nord, and an engine of destruction with the warhammer.
FormID: 01031469 aaDialogueAtaulf aaAtaulfIreneMetrick1 2 He was making a decent living as a mercenary for years, but recently he had some sort of breakdown and went kind of feral.
FormID: 01031469 aaDialogueAtaulf aaAtaulfIreneMetrick1 3 Last week he bludgeoned two guards to death in a frenzy, then retreated to the mountains. He's out of his mind.
FormID: 0103146B aaDialogueAtaulf aaAtaulfIrenMetrick2 0 I'm not sure if it was the vampirism, his barbaric roots, or both, but he is wild and dangerous.
FormID: 0103146B aaDialogueAtaulf aaAtaulfIrenMetrick2 1 If he's left alive, there's no telling what that animal will do. Furthermore, his actions reflect badly on my reputation as a trainer.
FormID: 0103146B aaDialogueAtaulf aaAtaulfIrenMetrick2 2 I hear he's camped out at Gnoll Mountain, some remote peak up north. He's the best I ever taught, so don't hold back. Good luck.
__Gnoll Mountainにキャンプを張ってるって話だよ。あいつはこれまで教えた中で一番の戦士だ、遠慮せず全力で行きな。幸運を祈るよ。
FormID: 0103146C aaDialogueAtaulf GREETING 0 Why... why are you breaking my meditation?
FormID: 0103146E aaDialogueAtaulf aaAtaulf1 0 They were in the dream! They were going to eat my heart... I could see it!
FormID: 0103146E aaDialogueAtaulf aaAtaulf1 1 You're one of them... come to collect... I won't let you take it!

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