FormID: 01042D57 aaDialogueAnund GREETING 0 Get out of my face.
FormID: 01042D59 aaDialogueAnund GREETING 0 So you're the new master, eh? Some leader you are... always running off on far-flung missions that don't benefit your brothers here at the guild.
FormID: 01042D5B aaDialogueAnund aaAnundProblem 0 The problem is that you're an absentee guild master. You take our hard-earned coin and then abscond to distant lands.
FormID: 01042D5C aaDialogueAnund aaAnundProblem 0 I think you're a fraud.
FormID: 01042D5F aaDialogueAnund aaAnundExplain 0 Is there any responsibility more important than your duty to the fighter's guild? I know that if I was in charge, I'd make the guild my priority.
__fighter's guildの運営以上に大事な事があるとでも言うつもりか?俺だって任務中はguildの事を最優先にしているのによ。
FormID: 01042D60 aaDialogueAnund aaAnundInsult 0 I'll respect nothing, you arrogant ass!
FormID: 01042D62 aaDialogueAnund aaAnundYouinCharge 0 Yes, and I'm willing to prove it.
FormID: 01042D62 aaDialogueAnund aaAnundYouinCharge 1 It will take more than titles and reputation to defeat me!
FormID: 01042D65 aaDialogueAnund aaAnundAvoidFight 0 You're just a base coward. You don't deserve the title of guild master.
__ふん、ただの臆病者か。俺はお前をguild masterとは決して認めんぞ。
FormID: 01042D65 aaDialogueAnund aaAnundAvoidFight 1 Get out of my sight.
FormID: 01042D66 aaDialogueAnund aaAndundDuelPropose 0 Good. Meet me on the road outside Pillaged Mine, southwest of town. I look forward to being guild master.
__いいだろう。街の南西にあるPillaged Mine近くの街道で落ち合おうじゃないか。お前を倒してguild masterになるのが楽しみだぜ!
FormID: 01042D67 aaDialogueAnund GREETING 0 What do you want, coward?
FormID: 01042D68 aaDialogueAnund GREETING 0 We'll fight at the dueling site. Don't speak to me until we get there.
FormID: 01042D69 aaDialogueAnund GREETING 0 So, are you ready to meet your demise?
FormID: 01042D69 aaDialogueAnund GREETING 1 Good, then let's finish this!
FormID: 01042D6F aaDialogueAnund aaAnundAvoidRepeat 0 You disgust me.

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