FormID: 02064C80 kvacountsmissions countsduties 0 Imperial Law dictates that all Counts should attempt to keep unlawful activity under control in their region.
FormID: 02064C83 kvacountsmissions kvaDasekmoor 0 Dasek Moor has some unwanted visitors. You should take a look and kill any Bandits you find there.
__Dasek Moorには、望ましからぬ客人が巣食っています。閣下は奴らを探し出し、すべてのBanditを一掃せねばなりません。
FormID: 02064C85 kvacountsmissions kvaFortIstirus 0 Fort Istirus appears to have attracted some unsavoury types, you should take some guards and remove them.
__Fort Istirusには何か好ましからぬものが居ついているようです。閣下は衛兵を率いて彼らを討伐するべきです。
FormID: 02064C87 kvacountsmissions kvaFortWariel 0 Fort Wariel suffers from a Bandit infestation, we need to get some exterminators in to take care of it.
__Fort WarielがBanditの侵攻を受けています。対応の為、いくつか討伐隊を編成する必要があるでしょう。
FormID: 02064C89 kvacountsmissions kvaTrumbe 0 Trumbe is rapidly turning in to a very spooky place, you need to go there and clear the place out.
FormID: 02064C8B kvacountsmissions kvaBelletorsFolly 0 Belletors Folly has not been checked out in some time, you need to check if Bandits have moved back in to that cave.
FormID: 02064C8D kvacountsmissions NextPatrol 0 The Elder Council was right, we do will need to organize more regular patrols to keep the Bandits at bay. Next time we should do the job properly.
__Elder Councilの言う通り、我々はBanditどもを追い詰めるために、更なる常設の哨戒部隊の増備を進めるべきでしょう。次はもっとうまくやらなければなりません。

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